Really Basic Questions from a Newcomer


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Really Basic Questions from a Newcomer

I recently got the Diablo II Expansion, as part of the Battlechest, and I've some questions (four, in fact) to which I'm sure I should know the answers, but don't. I hope you folks will be patient with my density.
First, the strategy-guide says that Wirt's leg, plus a book of portal scrolls, will open a portal to the "Cow Level" (when transmuted). I've tried transmuting them, but my Level 23 Barbarian says he can't use them, "yet". (My girlfriend's Level 22 Assassin says the same.) Why? The strat-guide doesn't say there's a minimum level....What am I missing?
Second....My girlfriend's Assassin has acquired a piece of the Death's Disguise set. Can anyone tell me what "Death's Touch" and "Death's Hand" are? They each sound like gloves, but surely they can't both be, can they? (And on that subject, is there anywhere I can find a complete list of what forms the various set-items take? That is, "Item X is quilted armor. Item Y is gloves..." etc.
Third, what, precisely, do the various colors of labels on found items mean? I've deduced that grey is for ethereal things, blue is for unidentified (right?) and white is for, well, ordinary stuff. Do set-items show up in green, when found?
And finally....I've slain the Countess in the Tower Basement (several times, actually; one does try to build up those experience points), and, in the room where she dies, there's a chest that won't open. It isn't locked - or at least doesn't say it is - but nothing I can manage to do will open it. (The same is true for my girl's Assassin.) Can anybody tell me why?
I apologize for asking so many questions, and, once again, I hope folks will be patient.
Thanks for any help any of you might be able to give us.

Joe Sahyan


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1) You need to finish normal difficulty first to enter the cow level in normal. Same for Nightmare and Hell. First you gotta beat the game, then you can kill cows.

2) Death's Hand are leather gloves, Death's Tough is a Sword. Complete list of stuff and more here:

3) White is normal stuff, Grey is sockted OR ethereal (or socketed and ethereal), blue is for magic, yellow is for rare, green is for set and gold is for uniques.

4) The countess chest drop is a quest reward. You can do each quest only once per difficulty with each char.

Welcome to the forum and the game ;)


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1. you have to finish the difficulty to enter the cow level
2. death's set has 3 items sword, gloves and sash
3. gold= unique
yellow= rare
green= set
blue= magic
gray= socketed and eathereal non uniques and sets
4. don't have a clue why it doesn't open. it should open when you kill her.

and oh, your shins are safe for the moment. :D

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You will not be able to open the Moo Moo Farm (secret cow level) portal until your character has completed his or her current difficulty (Baal for expansion and Diablo for Classic).

When items' names appear in green and feature a common word (and in the case of Orphan's Call and a couple other sets, don't share a word) they are part of a set. Collecting multiple parts of a set will give you special bonuses, though many are generally considered to be not worth wearing. Each item will list the names of all the other items in the set. Small sets (i.e. Bul Kathos' Children) have two items, the largest, Sigon's Complete Steel, features six (I hope I hope I hope that's the biggest set...)

Grey means either Ethereal or Socketed (or both...)
White means non-magical non-ethereal and non-socketed (and often Low Quality as well)
Blue means magic, they have up to two properties
Yellow Means Rare, they feature four (?) properties (sometimes it will display as more with a +resist all property and a +resist one element property)
Green means Set, as described above
Gold (on some screens hard to tell from yellow) means Unique, features special properties usually not found on other items. Most of the good uniques are based on high-end items but some (the Gull, foremost) are good even though they drop in Act I Normal.
Most of that should be in the manual, as well...

The countess has a chest in her room that opens when she dies on the first kill. If you have completed the quest, the chest is coded not to open.

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i guess you received the answers you seeked...

welcome to the forums and the game! make an intro thread where you might tell about yourself, what you like in the game etc. check the stickies and the FAQ. this forum is a wonderful place where you can learn lots of stuff.

also, i suggest you download ATMA (link somewhere in here), which allows you to transfer items between characters and offers you an unlimited stash. it'll make your life much easier. (oh, don't throw away the early unique/set items. they're indeed rare, even though their properties might be crappy. you can trade them or even start a grail someday)


Others forgot to mention one color of items:

Orange: Crafted items

But these you cannot find. Only make or trade.



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I had a bit of trouble working out which were rare and which were unique til I realised that the uniques are a lot duller yellow whereas the rares are bright yellow.

A question about uniques, I read on arreat that they only spawn once per game, does this mean once per difficulty level or once per char?


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Humphrey said:
A question about uniques, I read on arreat that they only spawn once per game, does this mean once per difficulty level or once per char?
Neither. It means that they can´t spawn more than once per gaming session (a session ends when you do a Save & Exit).


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The only way you can get two of the same uniques in one gaming session is if the same monster drops both, which has an astronomically small chance. I love that word, astronomically. :D


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Oh. Not very unique then :) Wanted to know if I can find them all still, I know I have sold a couple in game.


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jiansonz said:
Rares spawn with 3-6 affixes.
I knew I'd be wrong somewhere. Thanks.

You can still find multiple uniques. They will just be different ones. (that sounds weird...):lol: