Realistic possibilities of Fire Trapper through Hell


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Realistic possibilities of Fire Trapper through Hell

Ive decided to make my first trapper, and I know the benefits of using LS as opposed to fire traps, but I was really wondering if anyone has had some success taking a fire trapper all the way through hell in PvM.

My initial thoughts of a fire trapper(tell me if I am wrong):
Wake of Fire seems to kill much faster and easier than Wake of Inferno(I think thats what its called and Im too lazy to look it up) although it doesnt do near the same amount of damage.
Death Sentry is a good tool for fire immunes(although you have to somehow kill one first), as is obviously a Holy Freeze Merc and your Shadow Master.
Its sad that fire trappers seem so weak compared to light trappers.... was it always so?



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Can't really comment on the WOF/WOI question. However, from what I have seen with enough care most builds can be make it through hell playing solo and I'm pretty sure a fire trapper is one of them.

Obviously, if you play in a Group then you should have no problem.

One cheap way of helping your Merc against fire immunes and/or getting a corpse for LS is a single point in blade fury and a weapon with Crusing Blow on switch (even Crushflange or a something with the Black runeword in it). It also gives you something to do whilst your traps are firing.

I don't really think its that sad that fire is weaker than lightning. I think its great that you want to take on the challange of a weaker build! :thumbsup:


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I think you are right about Wake Of Inferno being weaker than Wake Of Fire, even though it's supposed to be the other way around...I think all the Inferno type spells are bugged, so they a lot less damage than they are supposed to (1/3???). In 1.09 both fire and lightning we're kind of weak...

Even though Wake Of Fire doesn't do much damage, you should be able to beat Hell, with a well-equipped merc and a high lvl shadow warrior/master. Death Sentry, Cloack Of Shadows, Mind Blast, the assasin has many great skills so it's definitely possible. A fire trapper isn't as powerful as a lightning one, and I also think there are more nasty fire immune monsters than lightning immunes but this could just be my imagintion.


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I've tried Wake of Fire and it gets very hard to kill later on in the game (late Nightmare). It 's great at dealing short bursts of damage, but usually, you will need to recast them over and over again because they only last for 5 shots.

Wake of Inferno is unreliable unless you could get your enemies to stand still, and even then, it's a bit iffy. If the monster is moving, the Wake of Inferno will follow the enemy but not hit it (like if you were trying to shoot fireballs at something that was moving around you in circles). If you manage to bypass that flaw, the damage it deals is overtime (kind of like poison), not in short bursts. Then if you get pass that, its initial shot takes about half a second to begin to shoot which is sometimes enough time for the enemy to move away. And then if you get by all of that, you have to deal with fire resistance/immune which is popular in Hell (and sometimes in Nightmare).

So, it seems like Wake of Fire is more reliable, but dealing with fire resistance/immunes make it very difficult to use, plus you also need to recast them often because 5 shots go by so fast with them. In general, I advise against the fire traps.


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Just a thought here, but have you considered making a trapper hybrid? If you want to go fire you only need 60 skill points to max WoF and all synergies. You could invest a few points into a skill like dragon talon which would give you enough melee power to kill a fire immune or two, then let death sentry do the rest. Although it requires some specific boots, the combo of holy freeze merc with a kick and some descent leech makes you into quite a tank, while your traps do the work

I like aldurs weapon with amn, pskull, shael in it = very fast kick, and massive dual leech. That with some good boots and you can tank a pretty good size group of monsters, with the help of holy freeze merc, while WoF chews them up.


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Fire blast is imo the ideal fire trap to use.

Wake of inferno does its listed damage, but it has the same bug that inferno and artic blast have; The damage radious is very small, literally in the very center of the blast. Thus, it looks like it could take out a corridor, but really its only hitting the critters in the very middle of the blast.

Think of how bugs pile up behind eachother in maggot layer, and see how lighitng syntery will shoot a line strait threw some, while missing others because they are slightly to the left or right. This is exactly whats happening with wake of inferno. Its just a smaller tighter line of damage...with less range...