Read: Useful stuff (Please fill in)

Read: Useful stuff (Please fill in)

This is how you add commands:
1. Enter Ms Dos console. (it's in your Accessories section on the start menu)
2. cd\blizzard\diablo ii (or wherever your diablo 2 folder is located)
3. edit d2.bat
When in editor, input this line;
start diablo ii.exe -w (or whatever your d2 is launched by)
4. save & exit Ms Dos console
5. in explorer, start the d2.bat file

You could alternatively try this command line:

start diablo ii.exe -w -ns -lq -res800

It will set your d2 to run in window mode, (-w), low quality (-lq), resolution 800x640 (-res800)
Useful for slower computers or if you are running multiple background tasks.

Known available commands are

1.Video options

-exp -expansion switch expansion mode
-w -window switch window mode
-glide -glide use glide video mode
-opengl -opengl use opengl video mode
-d3d -d3d use direct3d video mode
-rave -rave use rave graphics modes,might be Mac only.
-per -perspective turn Perspective mode on,available only
on full screen non-ddraw mode
-lq -lowquality decreases the quality of graphical aspects
of the game, therefore speeding up the game
-gamma <n> -gamma <n> set gamma to <n>
-vsync -vsync might be turns visual syncronizing on
-fr <n> -framerate <n> set frame rate to <n>

2.Network options

-s <s> -serverip <s> set tcp/ip game server ip to <s>
-gametype <n> -gametype <n> set game type to <n>
-joinid <n> -joinid <n> set join id to <n>
-gamename <s> -gamename <s> set gamename to <s>
-bn <s> -battlenetip <s> set server ip to <s>
-mcpip <s> -mcpip <s> set mcpip server ip to <s>
-nopk -nopk disable pk (seems no function now)
-openc -openc not sure

3.Game options

-arena <n> -arena <n> no use now
-difficulty -difficulty no use now
-txt -txt for mod creator, generate .bin file

4.Character options

-ama -ama set character class to ama
-pal -pal set character class to pal
-sor -sor set character class to sor
-nec -nec set character class to nec
-bar -bar set character class to bar
-dru -dru set character class to dru
-asn -asn set character class to asn
-i -invincible invincible? seems no use now
-bnacct <s> -bnacct <s> set account name to <s>
-bnpass <s> -bnpass <s> set password to <s>
-name <s> -name <s> set character name to <s>
-realm <s> -realm <s> set realm name to <s>
-ctemp <n> -ctemp <n> use <n>th character template in arena mode

5.Monster options

-nm -nomonster no monster? no use now
-m <n> -monsterclass <n> not sure
-minfo -monsterinfo show monster info? no use now
-md <n> -monsterdebug <n> not sure

6.Item options

-rare -rare all rare item? (no use now)
-unique -unique all unique item? (no use now)

7.Interface options

-act <n> -act <n> set initial act to <n>

8.Debug options

-log -log active log (no use now)
-msglog -msglog active msglog
-safe -safemode run in safe mode?
-seed <n> -seed <n> set map seed to <n>
-cheats -cheats not sure
-ns -nosound disable all sound
-questall -questall not sure

9. File I/O options

-npl -nopreload no preload game files
-direct -direct load data directly from disk
-lem -lowend not sure
-nocompress -nocompress no compression
-comint <n> -comint <n> no touch it, dynamic data structure
-token <n> -token <n> set close game token to <n>
-gamepass <s> -gamepass <s> set game password to <s>
-skiptobnet -skiptobnet go directly

10. Custom options

-client -client run in client mode (in game directly)
-server -server server mode, need d2server.dll
-launch -launch launch mode (default one)
-notitle -notitle no window title bar
-res800 -res800 start window in 800x600 (for d2)
-res640 -res640 start window in 640x480 (for d2)
-nonotify -nonotify no error notify
-noexit -noexit no auto exit
-autorest -autorest auto restart after exit
-multiclient -multiclient 1 cd-key multiple characters
-nohook -nohook disable hook
-nochar -nochar disable character image
-clientexit -clientexit exit after quit game
-noscript -noscript do not load scripts
-noplugin -noplugin do not load plugins
-lng <s> -lng <s> set language to <s> (only ENG, CHN now)
-hookwnd <s> -hookwnd <s> set hook window class to <s>
-hookexe <s> -hookexe <s> set hook version check game.exe to <s>
-servername <s> -servername <s> set game server name to <s>
-title <s> -title <s> set window title to <s>

I have been told this info should be pasted in a new thread, so that's what I did. The actual listing of the available commands was compiled by Onlyer. I have a feeling many players could benefit from this info. It would be good to see if we could gather up some related info here, feel free to post findings or fill in with other relevant, useful info. Sleep tight, don't let bedbugs bite, wake up in the morning, have yourself a morning yawning. Go to the bathroom to wash up, 'ave yourself a nice ol' cup. Make your day!


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Great info! :thumbsup:

Copy & pasted just to be sure it won't get eaten by a forum crash :)


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What I'm looking for is an option not to play the "Blizzard" animations at the beginning, but to go straight to the menu to pick single/multiplayer etc.

I hate having to wait the 7-10 seconds while it reads the disk before clicking the mouse 3 times to go to that screen :rant:

Doesn't look like there's a suitable option above, although I'll try -notitle on the offchance.

Is there another way to achieve what I want, maybe by renaming the video files on the disk?


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Ahhhh yes, I had this same problem! Add this to the end of your command line in your shortcut:




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Has anyone actually used the
-bn <s> -battlenetip <s> set server ip to <s>
command, and could this be used to get on the correct IP when anni hunting?


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Kitriara said:
Ahhhh yes, I had this same problem! Add this to the end of your command line in your shortcut:


Yep tried that and had to violently yank the network cable out of my laptop! (shoulda tried it at home first I guess!)

We're allowed to play on work computers at lunchtimes and out of hours, as long as we don't "disturb colleagues". However we're not under any circumstances allowed to connect games to the internet.

Works fine now though - I just unplug before playing and hit ESC when the "connecting to battlenet" message occurs.

Shame there's not a -skiptomenu option :scratch:


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any way to skip act 3d animations? want to completely skip all of them when finishing an act after the first time... anyone?


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WindyForce said:
any way to skip act 3d animations? want to completely skip all of them when finishing an act after the first time... anyone?
I installed Diabbers with the "medium" install option - that way it just asks you to insert the movies cd and you click cancel, which is fairly quick.

I think you could get the same effect by renaming the movie files on your hard disk - try renaming to and see what happens.

If you get the wrong file and the game won't play you can then put them back to what they were and you'll be okay.