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Welcome to the Single Player Forum. :) This is where Bnet is banished and single player (SP) swings. Have a good read, lurk a little before posting to get a feel for us and enjoy yourself. :)

Ignore the name, we often multi-play (MP) with others and have competitions such as the Magic Find Olympics (MFO) and many Hardcore (HC) tournaments.

We hope you enjoy your time here, there are many useful resources here for you. This Frequently Asked Questions is long, but we hope, useful.

Please private message the moderator of the SPF and SPTF (Thyiad) if you have any questions. Ban appeals can be sent via the forum form or emailed to [email protected] and it will be passed on the an Admin.

D2 Terms and Abbreviations - this will help you understand many of the short hand terms we use.

The Arreat Summit - The Official resource.

Please treat everyone here with respect and courtesy. Flaming, bad language and rudeness is not acceptable here. :)

SPF Rules and FAQ Index

Each bold title is a link that will take you to a post about that subject. Included here is just a brief overview.

Info on Editors, Trainers, Duping, Drop Mods and CD Key downloads
Please read this if nothing else. What is NOT ACCEPTABLE in the SPF/SPTF
  • Editors
  • Trainers
  • Duping
  • Open Bnet
  • Drop Mods
  • CD Keys/game files
  • Posting edited characters/items
Accepted Gameplay Rules
It is essential that you understand this before MP/trading.
  • Open Bnet is not allowed
  • Third party programs
    • Editors, Trainers, Drop Mods, Map "enhancements" are not allowed
    • Game mods (rune word mod, red rune mod, colour rune mod) are allowed
    • Muling and Reporting Utilities (ATMA, GoMule, Flavie, Trenshaws Version are allowed
  • D2 variants (Median, Eastern Sun, Hell Unleashed) allowed with restrictions
  • Versions - this is important
  • Hardcore/Softcore Transfer only HC to SC
  • Stripping gear from dead HC characters not allowed
  • Hotmuling allowed
  • Ingame commands (/playersx, /nopickup, /fps)
  • Command line commands (-w, -ns, -seed, -act5) some allowed
  • Bugged Items
  • Ubers & DClone Mods (and Anni/Torch) in Single Player not allowed

Single Player Specifics
Game-related SP information. If you've come from Bnet, this is for you.
  • Should I do this in SP
  • Can I do this in SP
  • Multiplaying in SP
  • Trading in SP
  • How to do code blocks
SP Versions
Why play 1.07? Here's the who what how why why.
  • How to play multiple versions
  • Where to get previous patches
  • Why you would play multiple versions

General Guides
General game related guides covering the usual questions.
  • Magic Finding
  • Rune Finding
  • Directions
  • Twinking
  • Mercerenaries
  • Item Generation (rolling, cubing, inbuing, crafting, staff mods and more)

Additional Links
Some very useful links here. Check the full post, if you're looking for something, the odds are it is here.
  • Arreat Summit
  • Diabloii.net Wiki
  • Calculators (pets, blocking, weapon speeds and item upgrades and more!)
  • Armour and Curse appearances
  • Sockets List
  • Much much more!

SPF Showcase Part I - The Community
Newcomers really need to read this section. It's absolutely essential to get a feel for the SPF.
  • Places
  • People & Sayings
  • Awards
  • SP Oddities
  • Familiar Faces

SPF Showcase Part II - The Game
Game-related SPF specifics. Including Tourneys!
  • Contests
  • Build Guides

The End
  • Credits
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Info on Editors, Trainers, Duping, Drop Mods and CD Key downloads

What you do on your own computer is up to you but:
Don't post about/ask for editors, trainers, duping, drop mods, CD keys, game files on this forum. This includes PlugY, and illegitimate Annihilus Charms and Torches - please don't discuss them, and keep in mind that using them will disqualify you from participating in tournaments such as Magic Find Olympics or Rune Finding Olympics.

We accept some mods and only those. The mods and practices which we accept are here in the Accepted Gameplay Rules.

If you need help with lost/broken CDs then
Stompawompa's Guide to Lost/Broken Play disks - If it's not in here, we aren't able to help you.

If you have your CD key but have lost your disks you can log on to the Blizzard website and download D2. Links in the Patches section of the FAQ.

Game Modifications, Muling and Versions

The SPF allows some modifications.

Muling: GoMule and ATMA
Mods: multi-instance .dll, runeword mod (combined as Singling), Red rune mod (obsolete with 1.13), colour rune mod
Varients of D2: Median, Eastern Sun and Hell Unleashed; they may also MP/trade with users of the same mod

These are the *only* mods and utilities allowed to come into contact with the items/characters/stashes to be traded/MP'd here and you may ask for help with those in the Game Changes Help Thread (SPF). Trading items with these are accepted providing the Single Player Trade Rules (SPTF)are followed.

Mod development is generally not supported here and you may find what you need at the Phrozen Keep. Do not link to files unless they have been approved; PM the SPF Mod (Thyiad) before posting.

Special note about the modified .dll that allows multiple copies of D2 to be run This is allowed in the SP(T)F only. A vanilla shortcut is NOT enough, you need to replace the .dll if you go on Bnet.

If you have any questions you may PM the SPF/SPTF Moderator. If you have technical questions about the mods that we do accepted here (listed in the AGR), those can be posted in the Stickied Help Thread for ATMA/RWM etc. Do not start a new thread.
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Accepted Gameplay Rules

The SPF is unlike most single player communities. We don't treat it as a testing ground for bnet and we respect our fellow SPF'ers choices. For that reason there are strict rules in place as to what is and is not acceptable on the SP(T)F.

Open Bnet

Characters/items that have interacted with Open Bnet are not allowed in the SPF trade or MP pool. This is due to the high number of dupes and hacks on Bnet and the less than strict code some of the players have on open.

Third Party Programs

This is anything that did not come out of the Diablo II box.

Editors, Trainers, Drop Mods, Map "enhancements, Extended stashes, Anni, Torch etc"

If you aren't sure if you used something we don't allow, PM the SPF Moderator.

Items or characters that have used these are NOT allowed:
  • In the SP Trade forum
  • In the SP MP forum
  • To be posted about

Not allowed:
  • Ask for links for them
  • Ask for help with thm
  • Encourage their use including posting created items/chars or items found using unaccepted mods.

You may do what you wish on your own machine but we advise that if you want to work out how a character will work out, use a skill planner.

Game Mods

Downloads in the Mods, Muling and Utilities Stickied Thread.

These are Forum Accepted Mods (FAM)
Singling - combined RWM and modified.dll for multi-instancing
RRM - red rune mod - needs declaring (not acceptable in the Bnet trade forums)
RWM - rune word mod - needs declaring
CRM - colour rune mod - needs declaring (not acceptable in the Bnet trade forums)
modified .dll to run multiple instances - needs declaring (not acceptable in the rest of diii.net)

These are the *only* mods and utilities allowed to come into contact with the items/characters/stashes to be traded here. Macro use is NOT allowed. Remapping keys is acceptable but using one keystroke to execute a set of commands is not.

You may not mp/trade if you will change anothers' mod status.

Vanilla to a Forum Accepted Mod (FAM)

So vanilla players will change their status by interacting with anyone who is NOT vanilla.

Anyone running any combination of RWM/RRM/CRM can all interact with each other because they are all FAM.

This is a difficult concept to convey, please a SPF Moderators if you are unclear about this. It is very very important to our MP and trade pools.

Muling and Reporting Utilities

These are what makes SP fun for a lot of us. No mules, and the ability to be a pack rat! All of these are acceptable in MP/Trade. Downloads links available in the Stickied Help thread (ATMA/RWM etc) in the SPF.

  • ATMA
  • GoMule
  • Flavie
  • Fara
  • Trenshaws Version Switcher

D2 variants

These are allowed and supported in MP/Trade here if declared:
  • Hell Unleashed
  • Median
  • Eastern Sun
  • Treeharls balance mod

Support for these variants should be done on their own forums or at the Phrozen Keep. Downloads are linked to in the Mods, Muling, Application and Variants Sticky.

Median and Muling

Regarding Median and muling programs....

We don't accept that program here at all. It is not to be mentioned, linked to, or support given to it as regards installation etc. It may only be used for Median characters/stashs NOT regular D2.

However, we appreciate that there is a good community of MPers here for Median and we don't want to penalise them. On that basis you may use the muling program without penalty for Median only.

* the no pimping hacks/cheats still applies so it isn't going to be linked to or mentioned here
* ATMA and GoMule are the only accepted muling programs for standard D2.


Items and characters may move forward in versions ONLY. Items and characters should never move backwards in versions for any reason. Some versions are very similar but the rule that items and characters may only move forwards still stands. (They are treated separately to simplify the rules on moving items backwards, in case of future patches. See this post)

Versions should be specified when trading in the SPTF.

Hardcore/Softcore transfer

Hardcore to Softcore transfer of items is in the trade/mp pool.

Hardcore item moved to softcore - must be declared

Not allowed
Softcore items moved to hardcore

Stripping gear from Hardore characters

Looting dead HC characters if done during MP by a party character.

Not Allowed
Looting dead HC characters with any muling program.


Hot muling is muling while the character you are muling from is in game. It's rarely done because of the risk of creating duplicate items (aka 'duping'). It's usually done with Gheeds because you can only carry one at a time. This is acceptable but should be declared and care must be taken so that the items are not duped.

So you are playing Teagan and she has a Gheeds. Another Unique charm drops.
  • Minimize to desktop and open ATMA or GoMule. You open Teagan and another character which doesn't have a Gheeds or any stash file.
  • You move Teagan's Gheeds to the other character or stash. You save that file and exit ATMA or GoMule.
  • Back in game you drop Teagans identified Gheeds on the ground and pick up the UnID'd one.
  • You play as normal and when you next exit you can put the 'new' Gheeds in the stash and get the first one back. Same as you would swap any other item.

However, it is not - and never has been - acceptable to restore backups with the intention of having a second chance at making an item whether through cubing sockets, crafting or making runewords. Similarly if you trade an item away, you delete the one on your hard drive. Duping is NOT acceptable.

Ingame commands

These are all pefectly acceptable without declaring. However, cheesy tactics such as playing at /players1 and opening chests at /players8 are often frowned upon. Severely.

/players 1-8
Increases the player settings and increases difficulty

Prevents accidental pickup of items.

Shows ingame framerate

Command line commands

This is where most of the difficulty lies. Some commands are acceptable, others aren't and others require careful use and declaration.

Starts the game in windowed mode. Acceptable without declaration.

Starts the game without sound. Used to speed up runs. Acceptable without declaration.

-act 5
Starts the game in act 5. This command is not acceptable.

A way to recover lost maps. This should rarely be used and should always be declared. The only acceptable use is for recovering maps which are accidentally lost and if used correctly. Seeds should never be posted or shared.
Correct use: Inset seed into properties window. Start game. Load character. DO NOT PLAY THE GAME. Quit the game entirely (back to desktop). Clear the seed. Restart and play.

Bugged Items

Eth bugging an item involves taking an eth item, cubing socketing it and it gains lots of extra defence. Perfectly acceptable.

The 'indestructible' eth bug is an ATMA bug. It is in the MP and trade pool and is acceptable but should be declared in MP/Trade Profiles. An excellent guide on the various eth/ATMA bugs by Greebo.

If you have any other 'bugged' item then you shoud PM both Moderators and wait for authorization to use it. This is applicable to all items which do not naturally appear in-game but have arisen due to a gameplay oddity or crash etc.

Ubers & DClone Mods in Single Player
  • There is a mod which is unsupported on the SPF that enables uber-like monsters in SP
  • The AI is not correctly implimented and the experience is NOT the same as bnet
  • The mod is not supported because it has several other very unwelcome add-ons which are not accepted in the MP/Trade pool
  • There is also an unsupported mod which replicates DClone by turning another monster into it. IE goto Stony Field and Rakiswakyishu is now DClone

If you wish to use those mods and continue MP/trade in the SP(T)F you should:

  • Completely back up their characters and stashes
  • Install the mod
  • Kill the ubers/dclone
  • Delete the affected character/stashes
  • Uninstall the mods
  • Restore to the back-ups (pre-mod)
  • Ensure no items/experience has been gained.

Unless you're really tidy about that sort of thing, it is best NOT to use the mods.

If you keep the same character or any items found while using those mods and MP/trade you will be banned from diii.net.

Again what you do on your own machine is fine; so if you withdraw from the MP/trade pool do what you like.

We are aware that other forums allow the use of the ubers mod and that is why we get jumpy when people trade on other forums.

As per the FAQ, mod support is done at the Phrozen Keep.
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Single Player Specifics

This section covers everything relating to Single Player on diabloii.net. If you are new to Single Player or new to Single Player on diabloii.net, this is for you. There's information on the MP and Trade Forums too.

Single Player v. Battle.net Content For 1.10 and 1.11 (Can I get this in SP?) By Cattleya (also applies to 1.12a)
This is basically going to answer any questions on the Keys, Ubers, Runewords and DClone. Essential reading for Bnet converts.

Why We Play Single Player
Some of the many reasons why we play SP. Not a Bnet Bashing thread!

Accepted Gameplay Rules by Thyiad
Read and digest thoroughly before moving into MP/Trade. This explains in detail what is acceptable game practices (version transfers, line commands and more) on the SP(T)F.

MP Sub Forum

The SP(T)F is based on trust so before entering here, please re-read our Accepted Gameplay Rules. Feel free to the Mod with any questions.

Single player doesn't mean "alone". We MP and PvP through LAN or TCP/IP and it is a fairly important part of the SP experience. We arrange games here in this forum. There are different threads for Hardcore and Softcore, Modded and Unmodded, as well as different versions or varients. Please be sure to post in the correct thread.

Technical Problems Thread
Post here and the membership will try and help you if you have hosting or connectivity issues.

MP Guide - SPF - By Thyiad
Everything you wanted to know before making a merc of yourself in MP.

MP Groups Guide by Ed from Russia
If you are putting an MP team together, you really should read this.


Ultimate PvP Guide (for SPF) - By Sint Nikolaas
New to ear-cutting? Not after reading this. Maxicek also wrote a Bad Mannered Addendum to compliment Sint's guide.

Updated PvP Guide by Colony.
An awesome piece of work.

Low Level Duelling Item Guide by jakotaco
Very interesting information for LLD.

Running Two Copies of D2 on one Computer by Orphan
The SPF tends to use the modified gfx.dll but this is a good alternative.

Single Player Trade Forum

SP trading has a very different slant than realm trading. Values differ widely. You may trade in the Single Player Trading Forum providing you follow the SPTF Rules and the Accepted Gameplay Rules . There is Stickied Price Check Thread in the SPTF where you may get an uptodate evaluation of your items.

The SPTF is also the place to look for giveaways.

Guide to the SPF Giveaway Thread - By Silverbolt
This was written when there was a giveaway thread, but there's some excellent points in there.

Mods, Muling, Utilities, Variants Help Thread (SPTF)
A question/answer thread for anything to do with any of the acceptable mods, muling programs or reporting tools which are supported on the SP(T)F. Links to the program downloads and guides are in the first post.

Code Blocks, Quotes and how they work! - By nubikoen
Ever wondered how SPF'ers do
this for their ATMA readouts
Nubikoen tells all.


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SP Versions

This is what makes SP different to Bnet. You can play whatever version you want. Fancy playing against players64 monsters; you can do it in a previous version. Want a BKWB with +2 skills? You can in a previous version!

Where to get different patches

For patches pre 1.07 you need ... old disks. :D

Blizzard's FTP downloads of patches
1.08 onwards

Patch downloads
Start from 1.07 until the present day.

Earlier patches are available on this mirror
From 1.01 onwards.

How to play different versions in SP

Bliss Version switcher
The most recent version switcher

Trenshadow version switcher
One way of playing multiple version in SP. This enables you to have multiple versions installed and swap between the them quickly and easily.

Mattinm's guide on using TrenShadow's version switcher is a major asset to anyone wanting to use multiple version.

You need to extract TrenShadow's version switcher to your D2 folder.
Let's say, your install path is
C: \Games\Diablo II

then after extracting the version switcher you will have a folder named "1.09b" in your D2 directory-->
C: \Games\Diablo II\1.09b

Now, to launch Diablo 2 in 1.09b, you need to create a shortcut with target

"C: \Games\Diablo II\1.09b\LaunchModGame.vbs" -w

and in the line "Start in" (or whatever it's called in English) you have to type

"C: \Games\Diablo II\1.09b"

The -w is recommended for multiple instances, since it starts the game in windowed mode.
This is for the first instance only!!!

Then, you need a second shortcut for each other game you want to start up in addition to the first one:

"C: \Games\Diablo II\Game.exe" -w

start in:

"C: \Games\Diablo II\1.09b"

Use this shortcut for the 2nd to 8th instance!!!

Hope this helped.
The low-tech way is to have multiple installs and rename the directory to the version that is in that directory.

Why play different versions in SP

So we can play other versions. And why would you do that? Itamz!

The Time-Travellers Vortex part 1 - a guide to SPF time travel by helvete
In-depth guide detailing what to look for in past versions and why they're so good.
The Time-Travellers Vortex part 2 - a guide to 1.00 - by helvete

Time Travelling the SPF Way by Jaedhann
This is a comprehensive guide to why you would play each version. Items, beta CtA's, charms, it's all in here. Nice work.

Check post 19 here for runewords and time travelling EG they go forwards:

Other Patch Information


The Classic Forum

Classic FAQ and Build Guides


Overview of 1.06 by xALT (Pucho)
Great overview to the 1.06 patch.

A Guide to Classic (1.06b) by Ragnarod

1.07 Build Guides by galtwish
A fantastic overview of character builds. If you're new to 1.07, this is for you.

1.07 guide by Repusz
The starting point that is all things 1.07. Essential first reading

Addendum to 1.07 guide, by Yiuman
Expands on Repusz' Guide to add further 1.07 goodness

1.07 Uniques by AlienBoyz
A post dedicated to the Unique items found in 1.07.

1.07 timetravellers bar
This is where information is shared between those currently playing 1.07. A fantastic source of advice and information.


RobbyD's guide to 1.09


v1.10 FAQ for SP (v.2.0) By Shade

The FE Bug Explained (Single Player 1.10) by DeathMaster
Explains why you're getting one hit shotted in 1.10!


1.11 Changes By Cattleya
Cattleya proving once again she knows her stuff on game mechanics.
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General Guides

Remember much of what is available in the other sub forums can be applied to SP with some alteration. However, here's a few guides from our SP regulars. Don't forget to thank them.

Magic Finding

Guide to Single Pass, Untwinked HC play v2 by HC Gunther
An essential read for Tourney players and a great resource for those new to HC.

Guide to Untwinked, Single-pass, early game Magic Finding by jiansonz
Does exactly what it says on the tin. Use this and watch those low level uniques and rares roll in. An eye opener.

MF Oddballs by Nightfish
A beginners guide to MF. A great overview, good pointers and an explanation of diminishing returns.

MF Guide for 1.10/1.11 by Hrus
This is an amazingly detailed reference work for the serious MFer. It comes complete with full mathmatical explanations and is a must read for those who take their MF seriously.

5000 Baal run results by kuafu
If you think your MF isn't up to scratch, compare it against this!

The Definitive Guide to the Pits by Shadow_247
The first level 85 area in Hell. And it's in Act I. Go for it!

10k Pindle Runes Results by NeckRomancer
Yes Pindle. Died. A lot.

Drops Breakdown: Baal vs. Pits vs. Ancient Tunnels by bcoe
A rather interesting comparison of the quality of drops from three of the most common MF targets.

TC 3 Hunting FAQ by purplelocust
Where to look for TC3's (apart from Hell Baal).

Rune finding

Rune Finder's Guide v2.0
by Urlik_Skarsol
The rune finding reference work. Everything you wanted to know about rune hunting.

LK Special Chest Dropps by various
If you are thinking of running Lower Kuraust, this is a (long) discussion on effective settings. Mainly focusing on p8.

Super/Special chests
The areas/chests with higher drop rates than normal for runes.

LK Tourney p5/p6 by Phosheez
What to expect on p5/6

The search for Lo is over by Phosheez
While LK running, he successfully found a Lo rune on players 3.

Results of 17k LK runs by Skinnyy | 10k LK runs by Megalomania
Impressive achievements and a great demonstrations of how persistance pays off.

RoF Superchests Thread
If you fancy a change from LK running why not try the River of Flame?

LK FAQ by MuddyWaters
Nice overview of LK.

This is playing a character semi-normally. But fast. Very fast.

Running the HF(Quest for a Ber) by dune6836
What happens when you run - not rush - to the Hell Forge? All the info here.

Guide to running the Countess by sirpoopsalot
Guess what's inside?

Countess Rune Word Reference by Sparks
A list of runewords based on what can drop from the Countess in each difficulty. Separated by vanilla and RWM.

Having one powered character take seven mules to the Hellforge. There's a big difference between the versions, so it's best to read all the guides and decide what's for you depending on your requirements.

1.11 HF Rushing by Jantia
Also works for 1.12a.

1.09 HF Rushing by Ragnarod

1.09 Classic HF Rushing by Zaliqai


Always lost? Try these.

Quietus Map Guide

Krischan's directions


Twinking is moving items onto a new character to give it a 'head-start'. Depending on your wealth there's a number of ways to do this.
Low Level Twinking/Fast levelling by Timinator
Very detailed information covering all seven D2 classes to help you make the most of their early game power.

Project K by Ashmer Amadeus
The goal: 1000 damage by level 18. Did he do it? Read and find out. In-freaking-credible!

Nightfish's 3 hour sorceress by Nightfish
Not a twinking guide per se but a fascinating look on how NF got his sorc through so so quickly!


Morons for Dummies by AlterEgo
Comprehensive guide to mercs. This will show you where each merc type can be hired, and how their skills/abilities differ across difficulties.

Decent Cheap Merc Gear by Magechic
An amazing work which gives alternative gear suggestions for mercs, without focusing on Bnet highend runewords. Each choice is given a "cost" guide (be aware that is for the Realms) and a "quality" guide. Many of these items are giveaway level on SP.

Ultimate Merc Guide by gaza0469
This is the stripped down version of "Morons for Dummies" by AlterEgo. If you want the quick overview in point form. Start here.

Item Generation

Item Generation Tutorial for Patch 1.11 (v1.0) by Warrior of Light
An indepth and comphrehensive explanation of Item Generation in D2. Not for the beginner!

Guide to Altering Items In-Game (no not hacks :) ) by Uzziah
An item generating overview covering socketing Items, cube Recipe, rerolling strategies and staff mods

A Guide to Charms in 1.10/1.11 by Kronos, updated by Corax
An amazing reference on charms. Prefix/suffix and ilevels are all in here and a handy guide to what's worth keeping.

Skill Granting Items 2.1 tables of oskills, auras, ctc and more By Kijya
If you can get it on an item, it's here. Use with the mods on items table.

Affix Generation Tables
Affix generator for magic and rare items.

General Guides

Max block v Max vit by Nightfish
The eternal question number crunched by NF. Remember it's personal preference and NF plays HC!

Calculating Poison Damage by onderduiker
A nice compilation of how the various sources of poison damage work together in version 1.10+.


Moderator Single Player, D2 Assassin, Barbarian
Additional Links

We try and keep this uptodate and relevent within the acceptable limits of this forum, however, if you think there is a link which would be worth including in here, please PM both Mods and we will see what we can do. :)

This is no longer working, can anyone help?
Facts & Formulae Archive - FBR, FCR, FHR breakpoints, Weapon Damage explained, DS, OW, CB explained, to hit and to block formulas, 1.10 area levels and a lot more...

If you have problems with the Strategy Compendium you can use the Wayback Machine if you know the url you are looking for.

Mods on Items updated by zarirazz
Originally for 1.10, zarirazz updated it for 1.11. This lists all mods which you can find on items. (EG life steal, knock back etc) Great work.

Diablo II Wiki

Arreat Summit
The Official Blizzard resource

D2 and Macs by jamiesixgun


Curses appearance

Merc armour appearance
Very rough cached copy on my server. Please PM me if you want/have updated it so it looks pretty.

Sockets list

Had a lot of great information. The site is now defunct but might be accessible through Wayback Machine. If that fails, Rhettius made a backup and hosted it. Edit: or through the web archives.

Level Up Guide
Reasonable guide to where you will find the best XP at any given level.

Experience Gain Guide

Thyiad's Bookmarks
Excuse the self-pimp but there's quite a bit of stuff knocking around on there. The PDF's which are downloadable, are particularly useful. (Runewords, FHR, FCR breakpoints, printouts of curse auras.) Poke around. :)

Data Recovery Tips by skiffcz
If you have had a HD crash and you are worried about losing your stashes; or even if you haven't and want to prevent it; read this.

Glide Wrapper
This should help the appearance and FPS on newer graphics cards. Particularly good for people with larger monitors who run in windowed mode (you can resize the window). Very customizable and easy to use.

SPF FAQ 2004-2008! by AlterEgo
I owe this piece of work a lot. It was what welcomed and guided me when I first joined. The SPF was built on this and guided us to be who we are. To have it stickied for 4.5 YEARS is an incredibly testiment to it. Thank you. :)
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SPF Showcase Part I - The Community

What makes the SPF the place of choice for many of us is the Community spirit. There's some ribbing and some disagreements but in the main, we're friends. Please respect and contribute to this spirit. :)

The Places

Introduction thread
So what is your inside leg measurement? No, not quite that detailed but let us know what characters you like, how you came to the game and a few other things. As much or as little as you like. And then make sure you've got some shin protectors. Shin kicking is part of the SPF initiation ceremony. Remember though; we do not kick the shins of Elite Uniques.

The Daily
Every day (mostly) someone starts a thread giving a brief run down of what we are up to in real life (RL) and D2 that day.

Etdlahq Memorial Bar
Mosey on there, prop yourself against the Bar and grab a drink and a meal. The place for chit chat and drinks. Have two, they're on Durf's tab. Etdlahq is no longer with us, but his memory lives on here.

The Item Find Thread
This is where you can post all the readouts of your greatest finds and link to screenshots. New IFT's are made periodically usually when a really highend runeword or three are made or a very rare set/unique is found.

OT: Days of our Lives (aka the Beacon's Billboard) - also known as the DoOL
This is the place for more serious conversations. Here real life happenings and dilemmas are shared and comforting words offered.

These links are no longer available: can anyone help restore the content? Please PM me.
D2 artwork by Addicted2Macs
Some beautiful artwork inspired by Diablo 2. Thanks to AlterEgo for the information.

The Grand Tour by Stoney
D2 stories from way back. Thanks to AlterEgo for letting me know they exisited and to Stoney for allowing the linkage.

The People

The forum has had some crashes over the years. During the crashes, some posts and threads were forever lost. When the forum is slow, or bad things happen, the Squid is held responsible. There is a supply of repellent in the Bar. Rally there during an attack.

EU's - Elite Uniques
These are our ladies of the forum. Because of our unusual atmosphere, we have a larger proportion than many forums. Treat them with respect and courtesy. This was a term created by Waimea. We don't care if this is un-PC now. :p

Created the term Elite Uniques (EU's) for ladies of the SPF and is known as the "Elite Uniques Champion". Gained an Award from Stargaze for that. Also heralded the traditional greeting "Welcome M'lady.".

Durfbarian aka Durf
A long time member who is blamed for everything and anything that goes wrong. His credit card funds the EMB so drink up!


The highlight of the SPF year. Every year the members choose their favourites.

2012 Award Nominations thread
2012 Award Winners

2011 Award Nominations thread
2011 Award Winners

2010 Award Nominations thread
2010 Award Winners

2009 Award Nominations thread
2009 Award Winners

2008 Award Nominations thread
2008 Award winners

Some great moments and threads here that give a real feel for the SPF. Dreadful result in the lifetime achievement category though. Totally undeserved. :D ;) << Thy humour. Get used to it.

2007 Award Nominations thread
2007 Award winners

Some of the best moments of 2007. Voted on by the forum. Some real gems here.

Stargazes Award Homepage
Read 'em and weep. All the awards, with all the stats, in one place. Enjoy. Many thanks to AlterEgo for this link.

Stargaze First Award
A tribute to Nightfish. Seven guardians for each class. Great player, great gentleman. Bow to the Fisheh.

Stargaze's Second Award
A tribute to Cattleya, one of the SPF's previous Mods. She always remained graceful under fire. Her game knowledge is outstanding.

Stargaze's Awards Spring 2006
Some highlights of 2006.

SPF Oddness

We're weird. It's ok.

Nightfishs Sept Sept by Nightfish
The only man crazy enough to start seven Guardians of each class. Due to unforeseen circumstances (IE maths) he completed 51 Guardians. Outstanding.

P8 Baal runes in under 2min 30sec by Denton
Anon said it would be impossible. Denton proves otherwise. It is INCREDIBLE.

Anni in SP by Brother Laz
Fascinating thread.

Nikola is 99 by DarkChaos
His THIRD HARDCORE 99'er. No that's not a misprint. Also check his HC self found grail (ok he cubed the Zod and didn't find it, deal with it!).

Guardian Alkithoe by Insane Wayne
A man with a habit for nakedness. This zon is HC, naked and on a mission

How far can Superdave go by superdave
A thrilling journey through one characters passively naked exploits. Ok it's from the amazon forum ... bite me.

The Adventures of Beerbelly Stoutliver, the Drunken HC Project by Sirpoopsalot
Tipples in Moderator rather than in moderation. He's HC, he's tipsy, how far can he go?

DOA PvP Tourney by Liquid_Evil
Three teams, one winner. The PvPers get it on.

PvP Moor Challenge FFA by Liquid_Evil
Each of the resident PvPers represent one class of characters to see who is the best PvP class. Fascinating.

Odd records and achievements by RTB
Some of the more oddball achievements of the SPF

Some Familiar Faces

You'll get to know everyone's quirks and personalities eventually. Every member of the SPF could do with a mention here for one reason or another, but here's a few of the most well-known SPF'ers past and present.

He wrote ATMA our first muling programs. Thank you for the sanity.

The Fisheh finished his HC Sept Sept (Seven Guardians of each class). Each new Guardian thread is a mini-guide full of entertaining observations of the class. Check out the three hour sorceress! A full run down of the Guardians and background here.

The authority on stats and gameplay information. His RWM allows us SP'ers to experience the Bnet runewords.

The author of Flavie, our reporting tool. A gentleman who still provdes helpful hints. Co-develops GoMule with Silospen.

A jolly good sport who has spent many hours coding GoMule based on the requests of SPF members. GoMule is the next generation of muling and silo deserves a lot of credit for that.

A legend among most players here. Three HC 99'ers and at least one self found HC grail (Zod cubed, ok ok). Bow people, bow.

Darkness, Greybeard, AlterEgo, Kremtok, Cattleya, Hrus, sirpoopsalot << Raise a glass to these guys. They did good.


Moderator Single Player, D2 Assassin, Barbarian
SPF Showcase Part II - The Game

The SPF plays a little differently. We like to mix it up, playing untwinked, to strange rules and given the ability to play different versions gives us a unique slant on D2.

The Contests

The SPF Tourney Compilation
This is where it's at! Tourneys are an important part of the SPF and reading some of the write ups can be as enjoyable actually taking part. Thanks to Morathi for keeping it up to date. :)

Magic Find Olympics Probably our best-known competitions. (list stolen from nulio)

2013 Summer MFO Sign-Up and Running Thread
2013 Summer MFO Results Thread
2014 Summer MFO Sign-Up and Running Thread
2014 Summer MFO Results Thread
2015 Summer MFO Sign-Up and Running Thread
2015 Summer MFO Results Thread

The SPF Guide to Hosting your own Tournament by Sint Nikolaas
Don't start a tourney without it.

The Grail
Probably unique to SP, is gathering every set and unique in the game. Handy tracking spreadsheets inside that link

The Quest for Level 99
No Ubers here, this takes time, effort and the ability to dodge. Bow to those HC 99'ers. Here's a handy hint: number of Baal runs needed to level between 90 and 99.

The Sept
Mat/Pat or Guardianing one of each character class. Terminology may differ but everyone agrees; toughy. (See Nightfish's Sept Sept - Guardianing seven chars of each class.)
Butz said:
The following table details progress in pursuit of seven Guardians (one of each class) within Diablo II LoD, version 1.10.

The rules by which this is being done aren't overly complex, are based loosely on Bigfoot's SPF Tourney rules, and can be summarised by the following:
* No ESC to avoid death (with the sole exception of FE Ancients).
* No TP on belt. Hot-keyed TPs are acceptable.
* TCP/IP games are allowed subject to the following 2 conditions:
1) All players in the game must be embarking on the Septavirate Quest.
2) All players are yet to complete the same quests (i.e. someone who has done NM Ancients may not help someone who hasn't past them. Note, this also completely prohibits TP rushing).
* Any build is acceptable, no matter how cheesy.
* All quests are optional except Hell Baal must be defeated (the only quest that matters for a Guardian)!

* Muling is allowed with the following restrictions:
1) Muling off a character is allowed at any stage.
2) Only six items may be muled on to a character prior to reaching Guardian with a 1-2-3 spread (i.e. only one in Normal, 2 more in NM, and 3 in Hell difficulty). Unused mules from a difficulty do carry over to the following difficulty. Use these carefully, while that early item may speed up progress, if you've used your three and then some uber item comes along for another character that would really suite your character...bad luck.
3) Gems and runes do NOT count towards the three item limit and may be muled on and off any character any time at will (due to the hassle of how much room they take up).
4) Items muled on must have been found by a Septavirate character.
5) Any individual item may only be muled on to a character once. A hypothetical example: My Sorc finds a Mosers, sockets it with 2 P.Diamonds and uses it for a while. Then she gets a better item so mules it off. My Barb likes the look of this item and uses it as one of his three 'mule-ons'. Once the Barb is done with it, it may not be muled on to any other character. This rule is not just for the sake of it. The purpose is that all 7 characters don't get through the game due to ALL using a particular set of uber-items. If you find multiple copies of said uver-item, then you're lucky!

Good luck...we'll need it!


SPF Elite Runners Club
Did 100 Pindleruns? Try 10k and join these guys.

Build Guides

Pretty much any guide can be made on SP. In fact you can Guardian naked if you like, but for us mere mortals, here's some suggestions. All are for 1.11+ unless stated.

Beginner's Guide to Build Selection - by Mursilis
If you're a complete beginner, start here. Great introduction to the classes and their more simple builds.

The Fisheh Page - compiled by Thyiad
A compilation of Guardians and other Guides by Nightfish. Always well written and very informative. Varying degrees of difficulty.

The SPF Mat/Pat/Guardian Compilation V3.0 - compiled by Winmar
A great place to look for slightly off the wall builds. It's a typical example of builds done by SPF'ers, many HC, untwinked and from tournaments
The SPF Mat/Pat/Guardian Compilation V4.0 - updated by NacRuno
The domain change caused a few problems and NacRuno kindly agreed to update the links and add the guide writer's names to the list started by Winmar

Build Guide v2 - compiled by Hrus
This is a comprehensive list of builds covering diabloii.net and the Strategy Compendium. Some advanced builds, but some really interesting ones too.

MP Groups Guide by Ed from Russia
If you are putting an MP team together, you really should read this.

Building Wealth on the Ladder by handofnaz
This is a guide building wealth on Bnet but it has some good advice on starting characters and progression. Read with caution regarding Key Running/Ubering etc but worth reading.

1.07 Build Guides by galtwish
A fantastic overview of character builds. If you're new to 1.07, this is for you.
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Every contributor past and present of this FAQ; you may not visit us any longer but your work lives on
Every member of the SPF; if it wasn't for you, we wouldn't do this
Every reader of the FAQ; we hope it helps you
Every poster in the SPF past, present and future; you keep this place alive
Every (ex)-Moderator of the SPF. You've kept it alive and we'll try not to screw it up!

Thank you for reading. :thumbup:
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Comments, suggestions, broken links - please PM me.

Wouldn't mind updating the "faces" section.

Anyone fancy keeping some of the other threads up to date?
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