Re-Rolling and Crafting


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Hey guys,

Though I found the info I need by googling I still have a few questions regarding Re-rolling GCs and crafting Caster Amulets. Since I am going to do both soon I would like to make the best possible use of PGems right now so any detailed help is appreciated!

I've kept all the GCs that dropped from Baal and from what I know is that re-rolling those can give you the best possible skiller. I checked my saved GCs and those are listed as "item level 99" and some as lvl94 & 95. Now, is there any difference between those?
I've also read that all that it matters is the area where the GC drops. For example, Baal GC's may give you the best possible results but still GC's from NM flayer jungle have a greater chance of giving you a plain skiller.

As for crafting Caster Amulets from what I read the best thing to do is to Gamble Amulets with a level 93 Character so that it always gives you a high item level amulet which by crafting may give you the best possible result. Does the crafting Character has anything to do with it?

Thanks for the help.


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There's no difference between Baal (ilvl99), Nihlathak (ilvl95) and Diablo (ilvl94) GCs. They all can roll the sought after 41-45 life suffix. Those are the only monsters in modern patches which can drop such charms.

NM Flayer Jungle is the first area where normal monsters can drop skillers. It has better chance at rolling skiller versus some later areas because less affixes are available in the pool. I'd never miss the chance to get the best possible life out of these, so I always roll only those high ilvl GCs.

When gambling the outcome ilvl is -4 +5 lvls of the character. You need at least ilv 89 to be able to roll +2 skill tab amulets, so level 93 character is indeed needed to make sure all your gambles are ilvl 89 or more.