Re-re-re-re-return to D2


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I am a fried-chicken-loving still-a-student-but-full-time-working long-time lurker on this forum;
and am here to have my shin kicked and pants and wallet stolen for the 4th or 5th time.

I was so sure I was done with D2, just like how I've felt when I quit the first 4 times.
But yet again, I found myself lurking on the forums, admiring all the goods on the item find thread and
theory-crafting my own builds as I read through the tourney posts.

Realistically, I should not be able to put in any meaningful hours of play;
maybe a total of an hour or two of intermittent sessions a week.
And that means even more likelihood of returning underground.

So, this time, I declare that I will adhere to one simple rule: a monthly progression update of my simple, but, unrealistic decade-long goals.
1. Mat/Pat all 7 chars self found.
2. Hit lvl 99 on all 7 chars.
3. Finish the perfect grail, eth/non-eth - minus the one I can't find in 1.13d.
4. Engrave my name on one godly rare Gothic Bow.
-- the typical goals of a SP player. =P

I cannot say when I will even come close to finishing these goals, let alone actually finishing them,
but it's quite a simple matter of fact that I will keep on returning to diablo; so I thought I might as well start.

So hopefully for the last time,
Hello to everyone, call me Gynli. =)
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<kicks shins>

Welcome back! I'm sure someone else will be along presently to relieve you of your wallet to fund some drinks over at the EMB.


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Those are great long-term goals. Just make sure to make short-term ones to keep your interest. :) Welcome back.


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Well, at least you have realistic expectations!

*steals wallet

I'll just hold onto this and return it once you've got your first 99er, give you some extra motivation there!


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Hey! Welcome back! I'm definitely thinking of returning for another good period on the forums as well.

Some great goals you've got there! The 7 99'ers might be tough, but hey, it's a long term goal. Best of luck with that one, but you always get some progress towards your goals. Keep some short term goals in mind as well, like the occasional tourney, which will keep you interested as well.

Since you know where everything is, drop by the bar for a drink and some chat!


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*steals wallet from stegs*

1) Mine

2) Welcome back to the party--Enjoy a drink at the bar on Phar's tab!

3) Gynli's Corpse Horn Gothic Bow: Rare weapon... or euphemism for his body part? The world may never know.


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Thank you for all the warm welcomes~

-- insert some joke about being pantless with a bruise on the shin and being too broke to take the cab home --

Yes, all the goals above are tough; they're some of those "mebbe one day... " kind of goals that I've always had. =P
I'm gonna take a casual approach to my first return, and start two cheesy chars; one for the 99er pool, and one for the self-found mat/pat pool.

Sorc seems most likely for the prior - or mebbe a trapsin. idk yet - and fishymancer for the latter.
Goal for the whole month of December - getting both to NM meph for some gear grinds. =)


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Welcome back and good luck with your goals!

Let us know when you have found that eth perfect Tomb Reaver's :D


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Make sure this forum lingers on for another decade and I just might give it to you for free =D.


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Make sure this forum lingers on for another decade and I just might give it to you for free =D.
At the rate I kill tournament characters, it'll be well over a decade before my sept is complete so having the forums around won't be an issue. :p

Welcome back, and good luck with everything. :)