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Re: Paladin Guides Thread-Paladin FAQ-Calculations Guide-Rune Words

Discussion in 'Paladin' started by Thyiad, Feb 26, 2012.

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  1. Thyiad

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    Mar 3, 2006
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    Re: Paladin Guides Thread-Paladin FAQ-Calculations Guide-Rune Words

    If a guide doesn't work try replacing or with and that should work. If the guide is on the Strategy Compendium use the Wayback Machine (Google should find the wayback machine).

    Any problems with links please let Heav or me know and it'll (hopefully) get sorted!

    A special thanks to Thyiad for getting this up and working again^^

    Link above for the following Guides

    Title/Category Author Date Added
    Paladin PvM (v1.09) - Elemental Zealot Nikodemus222 22nd, August, 2003
    Paladin PvM (v1.09) - MF Fanatic Avenger Mack 22nd, August, 2003
    Paladin PvM (v1.10) - Hammerdin Ragnarod 22nd, August, 2003
    Paladin PvM (v1.10) - Tesladin Wurmer 5th, November, 2003
    Paladin PvM (v1.10) - Avenger Cyrus 1st, December, 2003
    Paladin PvM (v1.10) - TheMad0nion’s Cleric TheMad0nion 14th, February, 2004
    Paladin PvM (v1.10) - Maximum Damage Hammerdin - A Mathematical Approach captain_bogus 13th, February, 2004
    Paladin PvM (v1.10) - Frost Zealot Ladder-Running Guide, v3.0 Kitriara 13th, April, 2004
    Paladin PvM (v1.11) - The Path of the Fallen Paladin gohanthemystic 2nd, January, 2006
    Paladin PvM (v1.11) - The Ranger Rane-

    Other Guides

    Hammerdin Guide, by Ragnarod Fixed Again
    Tesladin Guide, by Wurmer Fixed Again
    Avenger Guide, by CyrusFixed Again
    Zealot Guide, by Cyrus Thanks to MoonUnit we have the Guide back..Fixed Again
    Cleric Guide, by TheMadOnion Fixed Again
    Max Damage Hammerdin Guide, by captain_bogus
    Frost Zealot Guide, by Kitriara
    Templar PvP Guide [FOH Pally], by WvX_leader
    V/T Optimization by Strength_Honor
    PvP Zealot By stoutwood
    Storm Ranger by Msa.
    Mage Guide by Lord Drift.
    Palabears-The Weretemplars guide by ZeroUnit
    The Conversion Paladin- a guide (1.09)
    By:Goon Squad

    The Exorcist (Pougee's Original) - Uber Tristam/Dclone Guide (zeal/smite)

    Guide to Heresy-The path of the Fallen Paladin-1-4-05 By: Gohanthemystic-link updated!
    The PvM Fireball Templar-By:archon_aus
    Vindicator/Templar Guide UPDATED 11-27-04 By:pravda
    TORCHADIN guide-3-10-05 By: Sir SDG
    Ranger Guide-3-15-05 By: Rane-
    New Runeword Based Builds -02-21-2005-By: SIR SDG
    PvP Vindicator Guide-01-08-2005-By:TheKing
    Dragoon Guide-03-20-2005-By: Tastychiken_europe
    PvP Dreamer & PvM Build posted-02-16-2005-By:pougee_au
    Mini Liberator Guide: V2.0 Installment 1 -01-19-2005-By: LovelyGods
    Dreamdin basics and strategies ver 1.01-05-28-2005-By-Doll Call
    The Disciple of Doom: A non-ladder elemental aura/conviction zealot build-05-12-2005-by: JanusJones
    The Relinquisher' the guide to zerk-a-dins-05-05-2005-By:jordy666
    The DayDreamer: The Complete Guide To A FoH/Holy Fire Paladin-06-28-05-By: IMCanadian
    Holy Fire / Holy Shock Auradin Guide (ultimate PvPer IMO) 07-12-2005-By: raffster
    The DayDreamer: The Complete Guide To A FoH/Holy Fire Paladin] 06-28-2005-By: IMCanadian

    Templar [Fist of Heavens Paladin] PvP guide v1.4-07-20-2005-By:fwi/WvX_Leader
    Zealot PvP Guide v3.0-09-08-2005-By:Stoutwood
    Updated Tesladin Guide-09-11-2005-By:Wurmer

    PvP Vindicator/Savior Guide v1.0 By:ArcaneLegend 29-01-2006
    The 1pt smiter guide to Uber Tristram v 1.0. By:kingdryland 11-02-2006

    Whateverdin (Elemental Zealot/Thrower/Dreamer/Smiter/Medic)By:niner 05-01-2006
    "The pulverizer build (both pvm and pvp)" By:MegaFlame 28-01-2006
    masterazn's Charge Variant PvP Auradin Guide [DRAFT I] By: masterazn 20-01-2006
    The Vanquisher, defined - a guide to smite/hammer paladins By:quietus 20-03-2006
    Everything You Need to Know About Charging in PvM-By:SSoG-11-16-2006
    The Avenger guide for V1.11.-BY: Asmodeous-12-06-2006

    Finally! Heavily updated Riftadin Guide BY: IntelligentX 02-11-2007
    The Uberdin Guide v1.0 By:dthseeker-02-06-2007
    Liberators-An Updated Guide (1st Draft)-By:mythos-01-08-2007
    Guide to Death Dealer the Overzealous Day-Dreamer v.1.0-By:Clervis-05-20-2007
    Lower Resists and Crushing Blow Guide-By: Clervis-03-29-2007
    Clerv's PvM Auradin Guide-By: Clervis-04-21-2007
    A Guide to Understanding the PvP Dreamer-By:Ouallada-06-09-2007
    New PVM Pally build-The Squire-By:LordPaul-05-13-2007
    GUIDE: Zealot Weapons for Physical Immunes / Iron Maiden-By:Lanceor-04-01-2007
    Rising’s PvM MF “FrostDreamer” [HolyShock/HolyFreeze/Zeal] GUIDE V1.0! By:TheRisingX-06-28-2007

    Ladder Runewords Thread-01-24-2005-By:space_loner

    MFing with a hammerdin Thread 07-19-2005

    Calculations-05-17-2005-By:vdzele & RTB

    KO Tyrael in 1 Hit! (details inside..) Thread By:TurfTalker-11-14-2006

    The Paladin-From-The Arreat Summit

    Original rune words

    1.10 rune words

    1.11 rune words

    Since has this link on their site, I see no reason why it can't be used by our members. It has a calculator that members can use. Lurker Lounge

    Paladin FAQ-by Ragnarod

    Arreat Summit
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