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A type of re-introduction, since apparently I no longer have any of the information I'd need to retrieve my old account. That's okay, as the old one used the name I went by during my days of playing Brood War which are long behind by now. So goodbye to the long abandoned Bull(R) (Joined Feb 13, 2004; Last seen Jun 5, 2010) and hello to Franko.

I've been pretty absent from D2 for many years. Part of that was going through college and deciding it was best to give up computer games until I graduated... of course only after I almost failed out due to WoW. Once I got back into gaming, I moved into the new hotness that was D3 (it was okay) and Path of Exile (racking up 3333 hours so far according to my Steam profile) which consumed the majority of my gaming time. I still play PoE for a bit every new season, but am definitely feeling the burn out of due to the sheer number of things they throw into the game and the inevitable power creep that makes it all feel less rewarding to me. I suppose in many ways I also find that I've started to lose interest in the direction games have been taking recently (needing heavy time investment in group play to succeed -- be it leveling up at the start of the season, or to farm items/currency, or worse something like paragon levels).

As such, I've decided to return a bit to my roots of the genre and what really got me hooked on gaming years ago. My plan is to play completely "solo self found", and thus of course I had to start out with a sorceress to do some magic finding. In the bit of playing I've managed to do so far I've gotten her to Act I NM, and hope to cruise through the rest of the game without much difficulty. Amusingly during the leveling process I've managed to find an item I consider a piece of "endgame gear" for the future hammerdin I'll eventually want to make: Hotspurs! While it may seem like an odd choice, it served me well back when I played D2 (ladder) as the "Diablo prepper" for a group of people trying to get the first 99s. It may yet again serve me well one day as I found running Chaos Sanctuary + Diablo to be pretty rewarding as a hammerdin (and 15% max fire res is pretty useful there!).

Anyway, mainly just popping in to say hello. I'll probably post occasionally in threads here, especially with "woohoo" type magic find posts when I get up to full speed again. I may even dip into some tournaments in the future as well, I had tried that in the past but usually lacked the patience for them (and with age, I've definitely gained patience).


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Welcom back, watch out for your shins - shinkickers are still around. :) I was digging hard through my brain, but Bull doesn't ring any bells anymore...but I get old and forgetful and if you didn't have an avatar, then that's maybe why it's harder to remember for me (pictures help my puny brain!).

Hope to see you around in tournaments! The Ability Sept Scroll tournament just started, but it takes 7x the patience a normal tournament would require...so be warned ;)

Good luck and may your drops be green and golden!


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I always wondered why everyone wishes green and gold drops for newcomers? By the laws of averages, wouldn't that mean fewer drops for yourselves?

I secretly hope that every one of you never sees a S/U again!!! muhahaha


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Haha, I doubt I'd be able to suck that much luck out of the world through my finds ;).

I got my sorc to Hell and wow did I forget the huge spike in difficulty that entails (having to go from players8 to players1, and still not really making much headway). I'll probably have to grind out some more levels before trying to continue on!