Re-Introduction.. seen my ol' password anywhere?


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Re-Introduction.. seen my ol' password anywhere?

Hey guys,

Re-Introduction for me, previously just 'Slothman' I forgot my password *d'oh*

the annoying thing is my orginal combo username/password and email works for the wow and guildwar forums and i can also request my password from them and reset it etc etc
yet even though my email address is recognized by the D2 forums I cant get the password request (I have tried the 'contact us' with no luck)
also while the other two forums sent me a birthday email forums didnt :sad2:
So I must have reset my password AND email for the SPF a while back (tried all my other email addresses with no luck)


First characters in each of my restarts:

Grail Status:
Slothman           1.10/1.11            9           37             46
Elite Runner Project:

Slothman          Mephisto        710   Mara's, 2xHoZ               5k / Mara's, Azurewrath

Mainly just an avid lurker, vanilla MP'er on occasions (not sure if there are any left, last time I MP'ed numbers were dwindling) and a fan of the game which I have found myself coming back to play time and time again primarily because of this forum I think! :smiley:


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I am new here. but I have joined the forums before with another username (no posts though, I forgot about this forum). I also requested the password which I forgot (b/c it said my e-mail was already in use when trying to register again) several times but I got no e-mail, so there is definitely a problem here. Had to sign with a new e-mail adress created at


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Welcome back. Have you tried PM'ing a Mod. IIRC they can sort out stuff like that. :hides:

Fists of Legend

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Welcome back.:wave: I PM one of the mods and see if they can't give you a hand in reactivating the account. While you are waiting for them to get back to you, hang out in the EMB, have some of w_m's cookies and a few drinks.


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Rightio have PM'ed Hrus *prays he can help* Thanks for the welcome backs

hehe Fists of Legend I think I have stuck my head in there once in the last 3 years and may have been caught in a foodfight :shocked: :grin:


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Yeah, food fights seem to spawn there more than any other thread. Welcome back, enjoy your stay, all that other stuff that you say in an introduction thread...

Seriously, welcome back.


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Wow, 2 oldies in a row that I remember. Woot!

IIRC, when I would login as you and spam indiscriminately (kindof like now), the password was "iwannabelikefartingbob" - did you try that yet?

Welcome home. *kicks shins*