Re-Introducion Thread...Never thought I would come back if


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Re-Introducion Thread...Never thought I would come back

I remember back in the day seeing people leave the forums only to come back a couple months later, I thought that would never happen to me. I thought that once I left I would never come back…but it appears I have. I have to admit my interest slowly declined over the years playing D2. I played a bunch of other games (mainly real time strategy) recently but, like everyone else, I got sucked back into D2.

Some of you may remember me (or my dad Buster or you old timers btw he says hi:wave:) but if not that’s ok, I’ll admit most of the people here I know nothing about. I have surfed the forums here and there reading interesting threads, but one tourney caught my attention, and that was Freekje’s Glass Cannon tournament. I have started an Amazon for that tournament a couple days ago and I feel it would be appropriate to make a re-introduction thread before I join. I probable won’t post too horribly much, but I will be around. I think that’s everything…


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Welcome back, and I apologize for the inconvenience my tournament is causing you :tongue:


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Can we kick the shins of returnees?


Excellent. :wave:


Shinkicking seems to be very popular nowadays. I'm now asking mod to allow me to open a "Shin Healing Shop" to heal all bruised shins :grin:


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Thank you for the warm wecome back. I should have known better and put on my shinguards :banghead: