Re-Introducing Myself


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Re-Introducing Myself

Hello fellow Diablo II fans!

After a ~8 month vacation from LoD I am back. For those that don't know me, I was a member from a way back when (well before the forum crashed). I have 8 single player Matriarchs/Patriarchs (2 barb, 1 of each other class) and am currently fighting my way through Hell w/ a level 80 Zealot (I took him from level 68 to 80 in the last 4 days). I hold the 1.09 Unique Elite grail, and have an active 1.07 charm-finding Barbarian.

For those wondering where I have been for the last 8 months, after our former admin left I decided to get back into my first passion, martial arts. I was (and still am) a very active member at the Sherdog forum ( I started taking streetfighting classes with Steve Blackman (of WWE fame) and keeping up with my favorite sport of MMA.

I also got engaged last June and have been busy with my fiancee preparing for our lives together. We bought a house that we can start moving into on March 16th and are getting married this June.

So what have the other veterans been up to?


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Hey, good to see you back Ash ;) As for me, I'm just chilling as usual. I've been playing SPL and now have 5 chars under my belt .. just need to work on the last 2 and I'll have my Magnificient 7. Gonna be interesting to see how many around here still remember you. Anyway, sounds like you are having fun. Congrats on the engagement. I had to cut back on Shotokan karate after an injury during practice.



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I remember you Ashrael, welcome back man!
I have a buddy in NYC that is doing the Gracie style fighting...that's some sweet stuff :thumbsup:


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hey Ash, i remeber you from my days as a newbie here :lol: welcome back anywayz :thumbsup:



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damn did 8 months go that fast :scratch:

anyway glad to have you back :D

and i blame it on you that i feel old now :lol:


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Welcome back Ashrael. It's good to see you return. You may notice that things are a little different around here, but we have AlterEgo as our mod, and it is still good.


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I think I've seen you here. Not sure since I was probably new at that time. Anyways...

Welcome back to the forums! :clap:


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welcome back dude :howdy: !

cograts on the engagement! i've always loved your tar. Ash and Azreal is so cool. :yep:


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Hi, Ashrael!
Long time no see!
Like you I have more or less re-started my martial arts practice, though it's only tae-bo at the moment. (Used to be tae-kwon-do, judo, jiu-jitsu and pack-mai kung fu. Jeez, where's the time I actually had time? :scratch: )
D2-wise I think I'm the only SPFer still playing 1.09. Got two mats, a pally working his way towards pat, and a HC assassin going nowhere, but incredible fun to play. She just made destroyer.
Congratz on the engagement, and good luck moving house. I must have moved a dozen times or more, it ranks among my top-1 of least enjoyable experiences.....


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Hey Ashrael!
Welcome back! I remember you as being a very active trader/poster...guess we left at about the same time from here. i just started recently again too...I just don't have all my old chars. WB.