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RE: Dual Dream Melee Sorc

So I've made the decision to build a dual-dream melee sorc. I've read through all the guides, and they've been extremely helpful, but rather conflicting. Right now my goal is to make a dual-dream/enchant/ES sorc. Skills as follows

20 Lightning Mastery
20 Telekinesis
20 Enchant
20 Fire Mastery
10-15 Energy Shield
everything else in warmth

What i'm wondering is what is the ideal gear setup for this build? I'm trying to keep the str to a minimum to maximize mana. I've heard a lot of talk about 4Eth2Shael or 4-6Shael Phase Blades, but also that a kingslayer or a passion are the best choices. If anyone has made a build like this and has some wisdom to share, I'd appreciate it.


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i don't think you should max out warmth before telekinesis, otherwise, all thats going to happen is that your energy shield will become a supermassive blackhole for all your mana


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ninjalotus said:
what use does a melee sorc have 4 a lot of mana other than casting buffs? why not make ur mana useful?
They use ES - which even fully synergised still needs a healthy mana pool.


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I would suggest shopping for a +3 es gnarled staff in normal to make memory runeword, the +9 to es will help greatly.

Iirc, you want to aim to cast your es at lv 40. Also resists are less important than damage reduced by, and magical damage reduced by. The gladiator's bane is a popular ES sorc armour for eg. due to those mods.

I had made a dual dreamer, using Guardian Angel to help me achieve max blocking with my dream monarch.

Was very fun and everything died in a couple of wacks from zeal (passion phaseblade).

I regret not finding a decent staff to make memory in, as I think a fully buffed ES would be awesome. But with ES it's kinda all or nothing, you need to build up slightly differently than usual.

The Energy Sorc Guide [SP]
Author: Zarhrezz

is a very good read on the ES sorc.