RE: Bugged items [lsceu]


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RE: Bugged items [lsceu]

What are bugged items, is it legal, and how do you do it?

I have seen these being traded on european servers, and the def mods on armours are impressive.

I understand these items need to be ethernal, and then you cube them. But with what and how?

Appreciate your help.


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A bugged item is one that was etheral and the 'add socket' cube receipe was used on it. When this happens the etheral bonus is applied twice, hence where the insane defense numbers come from.

For example:
Etheral Ghost Armor + Tal rune + Thul rune + Perfect Topaz gem

= Socketed etheral Dusk Shroud

Can have 1-4 sockets and the etheral bonus is applied twice.


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What about weapons? Ethereal + Ethereal + Zod (or even Breath of the Dying if the number of sockets are right) = Insane. The Arreat Summit has a recipe for it, so I guess it should work, unless I'm missing something here...