Ravens and Armageddon

Snarlin Stef

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whyuneedit said:
do ravens and armageddon interrupt attks? very curious about that
yah im interested in that too lol...
i will say this.. IF you are thinking of fire druid (because I am)

Grizzly Bear + Volcano = stun lock :)
those swirlies the grizzly bear puts over the head of a enemy go great with volcano.. they get trapped in your volcano basically.. and if armageddon his too.. then it stuns them as well..

however.. I think that for the sake of arguement you cant count on armageddon to hit your enemy in a pvp world... lets just assume its there and if it hits then its an added bonus.. (hurricane doesnt do any dmg either really so i assume they are both negligable as actual killing spells.. )

volcano is the critical peice here i think.
but yah i would like to know about ravens and armageddon interrupting attacks too... good point.



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i just tested ravens, and yes they do interrupt, but not as good as you might want it to. it does however turn the tide of battle. and i only used 3 ravens. pretty sweet. now how bout that armageddon?


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i wonder if there are any elemental druids out there that can test to see of armagedon interrupts attk


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mepersoner said:
...there's a reason in 1.09 druid used 5 spirit wolves and 5 ravens...
well wut about armageddon? u can cast it b4 shifting rite? iv seen druids do this, but i duno if it interrupts like ravens do. i think psn vine interrupts also