Rate this rare claw


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ThyForbidden said:
well it can be 76% more ED.. but .. what do you want if its on useast ladder? ;)
so what if it can be 76% more ed lol. how many 450% ed ethereal rares do you see floating around?


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It's a nice claw yes. But the thing is it has no realy use for most builds. kickers , elemental users , trappers , blade fury sins require a total other equipment to be effective. DC sins can use this claw really nice though. WW sins require Chaos for starters. And if you go C/C you're better off with a 2nd claw that hits the last WW break.


C-Beat, I'm going to remake my TS sin. It'll be rough, but I think with patience I'll be able to make it. Gonna use nat's claw and either Shadow killer or Jade talon.


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ReallFugitive said:
-10 & -35 for 1 handers.
can you explain to me how the speed gets calculated? sorry to kinda jack this thread like that.

staying on topic, ive seen that claw in the trade forum, its quiet nice. too bad nowadays its mods over dmg :(