Rate this crafted belt


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Rate this crafted belt

Made this craft on ladder :(

5% faster cast
+27 str
+47 life
+19 mana
lvl 85 req

i know the faster cast can get a bit higher, but i guess its alright


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I guess it would work if you really needed that extra 47 life and the extra FHR. But life and FHR are both so easily obtained in other areas (socketing and charms especially) that I don't think this compares to the 15% more fcr and +1 skills of arach mesh.

still, you can use it for style points :cool: it's not a bad belt, just not the best one.



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There's not much appreciated for crafted belts like people should have.

Soulless - you know that's a good one. Just get 70 fast cast and you're belt will serve you well.


Sigh, If only it had Half-freeze it be perfect! sic. The stats are cool but at that high lev they are kinda weak. be nice if it was req lev 40.


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Mungo like!

I don't know why there would be complaints, I think that all of the various added 'goodies' makes it quite nice, especially if you HAVEN'T FOUND ARACH MESH BELT YET.

I still haven't seen the bugger.

"You can't always get what you want."


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I would definately take this crafted belt over Arachnids (my own opinion). This is because that 24% FHR helps reach certain breakpoints for a caster. Then, instead of having so many 5% FHR charms, you can get charms with +life, +skill, or +mana/with some other mod, or resistance charms. Also frees up some gear too.

The life bonus is a pretty big one. The +strength, the space that you saved in your iventory that would otherwise be used to hold FHR charms, and the life bonus.

The 5% increase in mana is pretty small IMO. It adds maybe a maximum of 40 mana.

As for me, the 15% FCR won't make a difference because I have 70FCR without it.

*Note: I have a belt exactly like yours, lol*