Rate my Wind druid


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Rate my Wind druid

as the topic says i wil post the stats now

my equipment
Arkain +2 with a UM
3 to skil amy
rare ring that gives me res and life
aldur boots
IK glove
verdungo belt
3 to elemental skil with 28 mf amu
2500 def with these items

stats point wel c screenshot
str 186 without equipment i got just enough to wear ss with the charms
dex 222 max block
vit 335
energy 65
i dont know what my base is cos i wil have to strip my druid of all charms and equipment and thats a pain.

maxed the elemental skils
20 tornado
20 cyclone armor
20 huricane
20 twister
all on lv 32 with item and charm
1 point in bear (lv 9 bear with items)no he cant tank sucky bear dies faster than me
13 in oak gone put some more in as i lv (with item i got lv 21 oak)

tornado 3641-3859
huricane 1720-1836
HP 962 without oak
HP 1970 with oak
mana 415
max res in hell

so what do u ppl think of my druid ? And sugestion on improving him ?


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Looks good. Some of the new runewords might have been better than Arkaine's, but that's up to you.


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proudfoot said:
Looks good. Some of the new runewords might have been better than Arkaine's, but that's up to you.
im to poor for those enigma and chains of honor... My hoto is legit i made it myself costed me a damm 15/18/9 annihlus and ocu to get the runes together.

But i got free socket left in my jala what to put in it ? a P skul for the 15% mana reg and replenish life or ?? Cos i only got 415 mana and a total of 15% mana reg from my hoto..

and whats better arachnid or a vedungo ?
I can just stand there and let baba's ww me now beside the uber runewords user eth colos BOTD baba's somehow they do hit my druid during WW
(hate those CTA enigma and other good runewords users they proly made it of duped runes....)


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Did you know Sephiroth in hebrew means "enumeration"? What's the [TR] mean if you don't mind my asking?

O and ya, your wind druid rate is number one.:)


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Rewen said:
Did you know Sephiroth in hebrew means "enumeration"? What's the [TR] mean if you don't mind my asking?

O and ya, your wind druid rate is number one.:)
eh what does ENUMERATION means ??
and my name Sephiroth wel every1 knows that Final fantasy as im a big FF fan [TR] wel check the link http://www.battle.net/war3/ladder/WAR3-player-profile.aspx?Gateway=Northrend&PlayerName=Sephiroth[TR]

it is my clan i made on warcraft its dead now and my acc got decayed alot to but i stil like the TR = Terrestrial Rage


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Not to veer your thread OT but enumeration basically means a representation of a number, loosely I'd say. Like digit or numeral. There might be more to the actual definition, I'm not sure.

I picked up the enumertion=sephiroth business from a book about western mysticism, where Sephiroth refers to a point on the 'Tree of Life'. The tree of life representing creation loosely....

I never played FF but I'm sure it's prolly cool.:cool: I'll go click link now..



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Not a bad wind druid. More strength than I like. Personally I would have gone with a viper maji (upgraded if your on ladder) and a nice rare -15 req, fhr, resist jeweled ss. You will have lower deffense but since druids have nothing to raise there deffence percentage your not really loosing that much. Also I consider 30fcr better than the +1 all skills in this case. I would shael the jalals or use a 15 all res jewel if you need the resistances. I wouldn't waist my money on a facet though since tornado is a wind druids real killing power.


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Charms, Charms, Charms.

10X elemental charms Druid with that gear would prob. beat you then yours now.

Shoot for elementals with FHR, Life, and runwalks



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Does the tornado cast speed go by your cast rate, or ias(like traps). That build doesn't hit the 75% fcr bp, so the vipermagi would probably be a good idea.


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i am verry damm blind when it comes to aiming a tornado.
I always just wait til they stand before me than aim or either run up to them.
And most of time i lose vs winddruid. Either my bad castrate or my poor aiming skils.

and i got so much str cos i dont wanna switch items the whole time when i die. Each time i had to switch aldur wep to main than equip the stomshield cos of the 15 str bonus aldur boots and wep. And after than i coud equipt my armor. And im verry lazy and im sadly not invincible in duels although i do win alot more than i lose :D

beside those nasty CTA and Enigma Baberian/and some Pala with Ethereal collosus BOTD or eth zerker axe i havent been beaten much.
I really hate it that they can just get such a godly gear without effort.


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Rate my Wind Druid

Rate my Druid

Um'd Ravenlore
+2 Arcane
+3 Elemental Skills Ammy
[Earthshaker/Lidless on switch]
10FCR ring w/ resists
Sandstorm's Trek
Gloom's(looking for better...ugh)
8*Elemental GC's
Perfect Annihilis
Couple 20 life sc's

Skill Distribution:

20 Hurricane
20 Tornado
20 Twister
20 Cyclone Armor
12 Arctic Blast (kinda a mistake, but nice for phys immunes)
1 Grizzley (+prereq's)
7 Oak Sage

Stats at level 92:


Got a bit extra cause I just found annihilis, oh well.

Hurricane Damage is:2424 w/ SS
Tornado Damage is:5344 w/ SS

I still need to Um my Arcane, and SS, but that wont be for a while, as I am building a MF sorc.

I use a NM defensive Merc, of course
He uses:

Amn Amn Bonehew
Crown of Thieves



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I would switch out pelt for shako and get wizspike. You don't have enough cast to hit the recommended 60% or so i beleive. Check Fenris' guide



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Ya think so?

I have both, so no biggy, but I really like the damage...shrug
how much of a difference would that make losing +3 elemental from hammer
and +1 from going to a shako?
thats 4 skill points which would drop my tornado dam below 4.5k I think.

shrug, I guess I could test it out
hmm, also I think that suicide branch might be better, cause still has lots of FCR, but +1 to skills....
I'll do some testing tonight.

Thanks for the input


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if you don't need the resists or mana, go with suicide branch instead of wizspike. the +1 skills is a nice boost.