Rate my PvP kicker


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Rate my PvP kicker

Hi Diabloii :D

After reading JanusJones' guide on the warrior monk, and building one, the idea of a PvP kicker got to me. It actually was before I saw the WizAdept vids, but those just got me interested a lot more.

I actually changed the gear on my warrior monk for PvP, and got out a reasonably powerful Assassin. Her gear is:

Storm Um
Shako Ort
Mara 27
Rare belt: 17 fhr, 26 str, 22 life, xx fres
Raven Frost 20/232
Rare ring: res/AR/15 dex
Trang gloves
Upped Gores

Anyways, with the 65% BP to help me out, max block, max DR, max res 'n all that, she actually turned out pretty powerful! (True, I dont stand ANY chance whatsoever against a ww barb or a smiter, but that's only like 99% of the pvp chars out there, so who cares ;))

Well, with the apparent success I had playing my kicker in PvP, I decided to build one all the way for pvp. (I got a bit richer doing Ubertrist)

My guidelines are these:

Max res
Max Block
Max DR
65% FCR
7/3 kicks
9 frame traps
at least a lvl 46 venom after simple prebuff (+3 shadow sks claws) preferably more.
3,2k life
Reasonable trap damage
Long Ranged damage

Right-o. So i started planning with which items I was pretty sure I'd have to use.

Trang Gloves
FCR ammy
FCR ring
Shako - My personal preference over any other helm. (affordable ones that is)
Shadow Dancers

So, I then decided to use Stormshield most of the time, with a 2x bartucs gearswitch vs. certain types of casters. (and maybe smiters)

Wizardspike has gotten to one of my favorite items for a pvp kicker.

A good source for OW seems a good idea too. (fleshripper)

Well. My second decision was that I very much wanted to have different ranges of attack. Which meant I'd need traps. This is where I'd like some advice.
Being a stunner my first guess was to go with fire traps. These stun pretty good, and get some very respectable damage too. Also, I could get them fully synergised. Unlike Lightning traps. Another pre for this choice was that they blend into the blood moor very nicely, which will get people to run into them accidentally.

Lightning traps however have MUCH better range, and require less casting because they fire more often. (no fair)

So, my decision atm is to go for fire traps. And use a Widowmaker for long range. It's venom applied bonus damage will get it doing very reasonable damage. Problem is: what to socket it with. An um? Shael for a faster firing speed? (that'll get it to break the 9 frame BP. Otherwise it's 10 FPA)

Skill would be apparent i guess. 4 kicks/sequence. venom maxed, 1 pnt shadowmaster/mindblast. max trap synergies.

Anyways, what do you guys think of the pvp trapper?

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for your build you should attempt the 102 fcr breakpoint. this will make caster killing much easier. personally i would recommend the following gear setups...

um wiz
shako (ber)
spirit monarch (32 fcr or higher)
enigma (dusk or lower req)
2ravenfrost (or 1ravenfrost, 1xxar, str/dex, life, mana, res ring)
trang glove
shadow dancers
anni/ torch
4 shadow lifer 5 trap lifer
1fhr sc and rest life scs

with this setup you will achieve...
47 DR (w/ 1pt into fade)
Max res hell w/ out anya bug - some stack for some elements included
7/3 kick sequence - i believe
102 fcr
lvl 39 traps
lvl 41 venom cast - no prebuff
86% fhr
dex for widow switch option
25% ow
lvl 18bo w/ 6bo cta and spirit
4k+ life total - easily obtainable with high life gcs and proper stat distribution
1k+ mana pool w/ regenration = less worry

with fire traps and synergies maxed your wof could easily reach 1k damage (very nice for pvp)
2pts into mb = shadow master uses more
3-4 kick sequence

basically this will be a caster killing machine. just pair up with a buddy against those bvcs. some smiters may be a problem, but only if they sorb or have amazing desynch skill and fhr.


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Well, as you say, your version is more of a caster killer, but as I prefer the ability to switch gears, I personally prefere my own, more base FCR-setup.

Point of my setup is: I've got 65% FCR without using Wizardspike or Spirit, and still maintain max block. This means I can switch to a Fleshripper or a Deaths Web, or even Chaos+Fools Claw. (and use Fade for max DR).

This will make me much more versatile, and that's what I was going after, a versatile Character. Capable of beating any opponent. /me no like teaming up against BVC or smiters...

Anyways, thanks for the idea's! It's a great help to get some other info on the subject.

kind regards,



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Point of my setup is: I've got 65% FCR without using Wizardspike or Spirit, and still maintain max block. This means I can switch to a Fleshripper or a Deaths Web, or even Chaos+Fools Claw. (and use Fade for max DR).
Even though you use 65+ fcr no wizardspike/spirit setup for most duels, it's great to have the option to move up to 102 stashed. I also on occasion (rarely) use 174+ fcr but that setup is somewhat fragile. Given there arn't a lot of ways to reach it (I use trangs/arach/circlet/ring/wizardspike/spirit/fletch to hit that bp) it's not something to be stressed but it's a nice option to have if your setup allows it.
You can also hit the 102+ bp with dweb/spirit or fleshripper/spirit if you have 67+ without it.

Also to note is while fool's claws are great for ww hybrids, kicks do not benefit from ar on weapons. If you plan to mainly kick on c/c, +venom fury or malice are better claw options for your primary claw.



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Hehe, I know that ;)

Anyways, thanks for replying Wiz :)

The point in my setup was to be able to switch between c/c and w/s. So if I come up against a no-blocker like a sorc or a smiter, I'd switch to 2 claws. (Ofcourse, depending on the situation, but in case I wouldn't stand a chance with the current setup.)

So I was aiming for 65% (67% now I guess ;)) and be able to use Wiz to get me to 105% when I run into any pure defensive sorcs.

And my idea to using a Fools mod claw, is the fact that SOME enemies are very VERY hard to deal with using kicks, so I'd be able to ww their arse ;)
It basically is a venom dmg/trap hybrid, so why not have a Chaos on standby.. Foolsmodclaw is just for good hits :)

Well, anyways, thanks for the advice, I very much appreciate it!

kind regards,