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Rate my PVM Assassin

Discussion in 'Assassin' started by ninjakiss, May 4, 2008.

  1. ninjakiss

    ninjakiss IncGamers Member

    Jan 11, 2008
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    Rate my PVM Assassin

    i'm still on normal difficulty with my level 29 Assassin, PVM. I've invested my charac points into strength and dex as needed for equipment, and everything else to vitals. As for skill tree, i have about 8 CBS, 4 LS, 2 Fade, and prereqs.
    Here's basically what I do when i'm about to enter a monster-filled area:

    1. Shadow warrior is on.
    2. Mecenary is Act 1 Ice Rogue (i'll change to Act 2 holy freeze sooner or later)
    3. Turn cloak of shadows on
    4. Turn burst of speed on
    5. Open door (if there is a door)
    6. lay a Wake of Fire Trap and immediately
    7. Mindblasting the crap out of everyone around me
    8. Simultaneously laying down CBS traps/stabbing monsters with
    my sword with about +115 poison damage in 4 secs/unleashing the blade

    how long will i be able to get away with this strategy? i got some awesome resists on my gear and some good defense for now, and have not relied on any decent claws. I looked at the WW ghost assassin build and the untwinked Lightining trapsin for ideas and went from there.

    by the way my inventory is 100% FULL of charms, with only room for the 2 tomes, identify and townportal, and the h cube.

    I didn't want a melee character so i'm not interested in martial arts. Also i'm sick of the frost/ice strategy. The necro was too isolated and i wanted to jump in the fray every once inawhile.

    I've played barb, amazon, necro, druid and just don't have as much fun with those as much as the Assassin!!! :jig: thanks for any feedback/advice.
  2. BAMFSpecialOps

    BAMFSpecialOps IncGamers Member

    Sep 19, 2007
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    Re: Rate my PVM Assassin

    If you keep maxing the lighting side of traps using light sent for your main trap you can easily get through the game and you will still be able to wack a few things along the way.

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