Rare weapons - rate them and suggest usage :D


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Rare weapons - rate them and suggest usage :D

First off its a stygian pilum.... The legendary Stone Song throw spear:

Stone Song Stygian Pilum
lvl req 48
Throw dmg: **-316 dmg
Melee dmg: 59-270 dmg
40% increase attack speed.
322% enhanced damage.
196 to attack rating.
adds 5-10 fire dmg.
lvl3 Stun(4/27 charges)

I figured this would be for a nice lvl49 barb thrower..Since the javaline hits last ww breakpoint AND has range of 3 I wish I had 2 of them :D throw/ww hybrid...if only this were ethereal and self replnish..imagine a 405 melee dmg range 3 last bp wpn for lvl49 :) Rocks:D

Secondly its the Sword of Ages, or, its real name Rune Skewer.

Rune Skewer Ethereal Phase Blade(socketed with 39%ed 8 dex jwl)
Melee dmg: 210 - 240
358% enhanced dmg
+2 max dmg
+45 attack rating.
+14 strenght
+8 dexterity
10% light resist

What to do with these cute little Rares. Suggestions :D

Thx and have fun diabloing


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You are correct in that there is no such thing as an ethereal phase blade. Last I heard dimensional blade rares that get upgraded keep the ethereal damage modifier but are not ethereal.


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Ethereal phase blades can exist. They can only exist in Rare or Unique form, upgraded from eth rare crystal or dim blades or an upped eth Ginther's Rift.

They keep their ethereal form.


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As stated, there are ethereal phase blade. I own one myself. Upgraded with eth crystal sword. It keeps the ethereal mod so it looks extra sexy.