Rap & Hip Hop


Rap & Hip Hop

Okay, I personally don't like these two genres, but hey, you gotta serve the masses and it seems 96% of the high school loves Hip Hop and Rap. So since i don't like it, I have no idea what kind of artists "sing" this. This is mostly for dances so it has to be something with a nice beat or whatever that you can dance to.

Please list Artist and Song names in this format:
Artist - "Song Name"

Thanks all.
Outcast-Hey Ya(I don't personally lik this one but it seems like alot of people do plus its pretty upbeat)
Tupac-All About You(the story he tells in this song is great :lol: )


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J-Kwon - "Tipsy"

Best beat I have heard in a long damn time. I don't even like rap/hip-hop but I can't get enough of this song.


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All i know is don't get that song with missy eliot where she talks about getting her freak on. Its rather..how do you say, vomit inducing.

Mister 4

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All i know is don't get that song with missy eliot where she talks about getting her freak on. Its rather..how do you say, vomit inducing.
Missy Eliot or the song?

Thats all I have to add to this thread. I don't like hip hop/r&b/rap/whatever you kids are calling it these days.


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Dizze Rascal - Fix up, look sharp.
Dizze Rascal - Jus´ a rascal.

It´s not really hiphop. Close enough though... 2step/garage. Those are his two hits.


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I also didn't use to like rap and hip hop but I've been looking through some of it cause I like to expand in music and keep an open ear and try to find something I like in every catagory.

I love ICP however, and most consider them Hip hop, they deserve their own catagory cause they are hardcore Hip hop (also include side projects by their record label. Dark Lotus, Twizzted ect.

Anyways here a list of a few I actually like (cringe)
Sir mix a lot
Too Short
Snopp Dogg
Some eminem stuff is ok
Outkast has some cool beats.

That's pretty much it for me lol
and Missy Elliot sucks @$$ lol



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Jurass finish first by Jurassic 5 should be possible to dance to, and it´s really good too.

I´ll be back later with something more.


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Jigga-Scrooge said:
tupac is the only good rapper.
Tupac is crap imho, if he wouldn't have died he wouldn't be half as popular as he is. bet you didn't even listen to his music before he died.

Snoop > Tupac

oh ok, so he does have a few good songs, he's not total crap, but still he's totally not the best.


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masterazn said:
who's the best then?
There is really no best, in my opinion. When I listened to rap during the 90's, when there was that whole East Coast vs. West Coast thing, I liked the music Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. were making.

People who say "Tupac is the best" are probably the ones that ran out to buy his CD AFTER HE WAS KILLED. You have no idea how much me and my friends hated that. I remember a certain time, when were sitting out in the quad and some short white kid walked up to my small clique. He said something like, "Did you guys hear Tupac died?" and he had the CD case in his hands and had a CD player. After a few seconds of silence and shared looks among us, I said,"Well, yeah. It's been on the news and radio a lot."

"I still can't believe he died."

I looked him over, noticing the CD case and the player he was so blatantly flaunting. I did my patented eyebrow raise, and asked in disbelief, "You never used to like Tupac. F*** dude you never even used to listen to rap. What...?" I was at a loss of words.

The whole next week, Tupac t-shirts and conformist followers followed. As much as people liked me, I hated their conformists views. That being said, Tupac is not the greatest rapper.

Mobb Deep - Hey Love
112 - Peaches and Cream
112 - Only You
Puff Daddy and Mase - Mo Money Mo Problems
Puff Daddy and Mase - Been Around the World
Notorious BIG - One More Chance
Notorious BIG - Juicy (great lyrics :) )
E-40 w/ Nate Dogg - Nah Nah

And for you to truly appreciate good rapping, the following:
Mos Def - Oh No
De La Soul - Ooh Ooh

Ok and that's all I can really think of. None of these are stupid hardcore rap songs, but if you have diehard rap conformists, they should recognize some of these songs. Those little bastards.


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Check out the Streets - "Original Pirate Material." It's english hip-hop.
Here's the tracklist:
1) Turn the Page
2) Has it Come to This
3) Let's Push Things Forward
4) Sharp Darts
5) Same Old Thing
6) Geezers Need Excitement
7) It's Too Late
8) Too Much Brandy
9) Don't Mug Yourself
10) Who Got the Funk?
11) The Irony of it All
12) Weak Become Heroes
13) Who Dares Wins
14) Stay Positive

Careful though- you won't hear this on Mtv or your local garbage commercial hip hop station.


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hey masterazn... looking for rap and hip-hop songs to play at dances huh? well ill try and list some that i think would be good:

g-unit - popping things
twista - slow jamz (SO HOT RIGHT NOW :surprise: )
50 cent - in the club
snoop and dr dre - sipping on gin and juice
busta rhymes - break your neck
sisqo - thong song
eminem - superman
eminem - lose yourself
jay z - encore
jay z - i just wanna love ya
jay z - can i get a...
lil john and the eastside boys - get low
baby bash - suga suga
ludacris - whats your fantasy
ludacris - move *****
nelly - hot in here
outkast - fish and grits
sean paul - like glue
sean paul - get busy
sean paul - gimme the light

yeah thats all i can think of right now.
enjoy :teeth:


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Heavy beat rap:

Jay-Z - Parkinglot Pimpin'
Obie Trice - Adrenaline Rush
Xzibit - X
DMX - Party Up
Jurassic 5 - What's Golden?
Wu-Tang Clan - Pinky Ring

...and almost anything from the Dr. Dre album 2001, for example:

Dr. Dre - Ackrite
Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode

If you like any of that stuff let me know, and I'll see if I can find something similar.

Edit: Oh how can I forget. The remix version of B**ch Please that's on the Eminem - Marshall Mathers Album is excellent.