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[Build] Rank 3 EU[HC], Physical Build Advantages - Less than a second left ( 0:00) on GR 36 (+Video/Commenta

Discussion in 'Crusader' started by TactikEndGame, Sep 30, 2014.

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    Sep 1, 2014
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    Hey guys !

    Today I wanted to play a bit on my crusader alt, you can tell it's an alt since I have falling sword bonus on this build and other weird stuff that I don't recommend using. But I'll stick to the relevant info:

    This rift does not represent the lucky 1 % zombie rift, nor I had any pylons in it, so you can compare with your builds in a fair way.
    This build is ancient actually, people where playing it from the first weeks when crusaders where live, but ever since I saw the Heart Slaughter extra physical damage change I knew I have to keep them, and once I saw the new shield ( unrelenting phalanx) it all became obvious to me and changed my build from shotgun to this.
    Keep in mind holly shotgun builds perform almost the same still and you get some more healing from it. Also Miranae gem scales extremley well with holly shotgun.

    Who do not like walls of texts and would like to see the build in action + hear some of my impressions of this build:

    For those who don't have a crus : I want to point out that if I could do this on my alt, everyone can too with a bit of practice. Farming bountys and keywardens is faster than ever too if you have a crusader alt.

    Also, I killed the rift guardian with under 1 second left, so that's where I was lucky :)) the rift guardian was not a bad " drop " either.


    With a Furnace, you can literally skip all trash and focus on elites only ( you can skip further more mobs and focus only on blue elites to maximize the timer). This is only season 1 and I'm sure there are fixes in line to make the gap between types of elites and time needed in order to kill them and the reward more equal.

    Use viginalnt instead of finery and swap Unity for Rogar's Huge Stone or something and you have yourself a fully capable end game ( GR 37+) tank. The advantage of having a crus tank is that you don't have to sacrifice that much damage on the tank slot in a group. Also, the ammount of stuns and knockback makes elites almost uncapable of using their abilities, and procs the Strongarm bracers of the party easily.

    As far as skills go, it's the same old physical build.

    • Steed charge with Rejuvenation for extra healing and mobility.
    • Laws of valor with critical for the extra burst.
    • Shield glare + divine verdict for blind and extra deeps.
    • Provoke with charged up, extra burst and wrath generator, you can use steed charge to heal and get near a pack of mobs to use provoke with and repeat to maintain health and wrath at optimal levels.
    • Phalanx with stampede of course, this skill was great even before the unrelenting phalanx shield came, so once people who played phisical in the past saw the shield I'm sure they linked it to Heart slaughter and the physical build instnatly.
    • On the gems I'm using Gorgok for extra dps and CDR , Pain enhancer which I'm using even on builds that do not involve physical bonus, making it insanely good on this build and bane of the trapped, one of the best gems overall.

      Crus is the best class at farming Keywardens and Bountys. As I mention in the video, you can get him to up to 3 deaths in total to die for good, making this class one of the best survival-wise.

      I strongly recommend any SC player to start playing HC on a crusader first, it's a brand new game and you should experience it at least once. ( If you dont have a great internet connection, then stick to SC), Don't get me wrong tho, I play SC too and it's 10 times more relaxing than HC :))

      Char ( it might be tank high GR spec):


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