Ranger Questions!


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Ranger Questions!

Mainly...the only question I have for now is...why max blessed aim AND fanatacism? wouldn't you always use fanatacism? I thought blessed aim gave an AR bonus for an attack skill, not another aura...or am i wrong?

and after maxing fanatacism and blessed aim.....what else would you do??


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Blessed Aim has a passive ar bonus.
i have never tried nor seen any Rangers, so i'm just guessing.


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I could've sworn blessed aim only had a bonus on using combat skills with that.....i guess i might be wrong though.

what about the other skills...and how can a ranger be better in PvP than a zon....especialy when you have NO blocking and NO dodging skills? Please explain, expert ranger players you :wave:


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Ok...things that a ranger can do that a zon can't match. Granted, a ranger doesn't have the power of the evasion skills, but he can get guided arrow (if he wants to be cheap...)

However, things that a ranger can do that a zon can't.

Fanaticism: level 20, 373% ed, sias, attack rating bonus. all this for just 20 skill points. in order to achieve damage comparable to it, a zon has to have 373 dex...you don't. Rangers can do more damage per shot using the same bow.

Holy freeze: Well, now the opposition is sitting there with very low chance of moving on you. Also, he can't get out of it. He is a sitting duck.

vigor: Run like a mother loving son of a gun. level 14 of this after plus skills makes you very very difficult to catch. Zons only wish they could do this.

Holy shock: Now we're talking elemental damage. Zons have to pump up their passives and what not. You get it all in one tree. Not to mention that nice passive resist bonus if you use it.

Salvation+resist auras: facing an elemental attacker that might have caught you? no worries here! hotkey and switch out!

Frankly, a ranger has much stronger offensive techniques in my humble opinion. At least , if he can figure out the power of aiming, or that of a very slow opponent.

Does this answer your query?



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Weltkriegpally said:
Rangers can do more damage per shot using the same bow.
That's really all it boils down to: damage is King. A Shock Ranger can do more damage per shot with a cracked short bow than an Amazon can do with Windforce. Amazons can do a bunch of cute tricks with their bows (splitting arrows, following targets, etc.). The one thing they can't do is get anywhere close to doing the amount of damage a Ranger can do. You can have the cute tricks, I just wanna see my enemies gurgle out their final breath...