Ranger Question (Blesses Aim)


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Ranger Question (Blesses Aim)

I have a question, i read the ranger guide that is in this pally forum and it says that blessed aim gives a 5% passive bonus to your AR for each point, can ne1 back this up cuz i dont wnna test it out and find out it isnt.

And, is this worth the skill point investment for a ranger?

Any answers/opinions would be appreciated


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Yes it does (it's also listed in the Paladin FAQ and on the Arreat Summit).

Is it worth it? Well, Rangers don't have the luxury of an attack skill to boost their AR, so it can be rather helpful to fill that gap without using another aura.


Blessed Aim is only one of many ways to boost you AR (both for rangers and melee builds). Depending on your skill point distribution, stat point distrubtion, gear, and strategy, you may or may not need BA.

Whether a fanatic Ranger needs BA depends on how much dex he has (100, 200, 300?) and the rest of his gear (any +AR, +Dex equipment/charms). The merc he uses can also be a factor.


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memememe173 said:
what about a fanactic ranger?
A fanatical ranger has less need of it, but at the same time, generally has more skill points to spare and thus can more easily justify spending points on it. You obviously want it if you're not some sort of hybrid -- you really don't have anything better to spend the points on. Also, even with the highest damage bow in the game (Windy), the average added damage from Fanaticism is only about on par with Holy Freeze and is substantially lower than Holy Shock -- since you're doing less damage, you want to hit more often (which Fanaticism helps with) and make every shot count (which BA can help with, as well as Fanat.) You want to be the expert marksman of rangers...

If you are a hybrid, then of course the answer to the question depends entirely on what you would have spent the points on instead. Since the original poster didn't specify, his question is meaningless. Unless he really did mean, "Am I better off spending points in BA, or just not spending the points and keeping that little red button on my screen all the time?" In which case, the answer is, yes, you're definately better off spending the points on BA than not spending the points at all... :D