Ranger Playing tips


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I've created a ranger and I've been soloing norm. I have enough OP charms and such but I feel like I've been tanking too much and I feel a little clumsy with the fighting.

I might need to practice kiting more but if I'm struggling in late norm, I worry for my chances in NM and Hell.

Diablo was a tough cookie but I ended up getting him with quite a bit of struggle. That lightning hose was pretty scary even with 75% resist.

Also, would you prefer widowmaker or windforce for a physical damage bow?

Are rangers supposed to be close combat archers or what?

Maybe I am just not a skilled player but I would appreciate any tips or strategies for surviving.


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If I were to play a character like this, I'd make use of Conversion to get temporary tanks. An effective level 9 is good to aim for, because that's where impoving the skill more only adds 1%-unit chance per level, at most.

One weapon switch with bow and one with shield + weapon for Conversion use. I would use a fast 1h-weapon with long range, something like a Flail, a War Axe or a Throwing Spear. The long range will often let you hit 2-3 times before the monster can start to hit back. Also, a good thing with Conversion is that you don't actually need to roll succesful hits. As long as you pass your 'chance to convert', it works anyway.


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From my experience with a vanilla ranger:

* I preffer widowmaker over WF. It has magic arrow for PI, DS and most important it has guided arrow which free you from namelocking everything (use 'shift' alot).

* Reaper Toll/Lawbringer are best suited for this build as merc weapons.

* Harmony/Gimmersherds can be used on switch although I don't remember if I ever used them.

* This build is not meant to take on large groups so advance slowly and let the merc engage the monsters while you stay behind and provide range support.

* Widowmaker can open a funny and intresting build. Take act 1 merc with harmony and get blackhand wand on switch (or any item with grim eard charges), raise grim ward near you, hold shift and have fun :)

Good luck with your build!


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Dim Vision charges for nasty ranged enemies.

EDIT: If you wear Delirium you can use Attract charges too.


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Hackedagain, do you have the Darksight Helm? It gives 30 CoS charges, CBF, FR and ML. Also ctc DV. Thats some awesome stuff and all the crowd control you will need for the entire game.
What are your stat and skill allocations looking like? As well as gear? I believe I Guardianed my ranger with Widowmaker iirc.


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If you use Windforce, hold shift and fire with your cursor on the enemies’ feet.

Must play my ranger again after the MFO, he is currently just starting NM. Like you I’m not sure about WF vs Widowmaker yet.


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One of the most fun builds I've ever Guardianed was a Fire Ranger. If you are twinking then the gear is easy, if you're not twinking then the build is very dependent on finding a bow with exploding arrow.

He absolutely blasted through Normal and NM, so if you are struggling in those difficulties, it might be an option to go Fire Ranger and then respec later?


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yes norm + nm are very easy with any explosive weapon + holy fire (kuko is great if you get one in late normal/early nm... baal? can't remember) but it is complete garbage once you reach hell difficulty.

Holy freeze ranger is also complete garbage, but if you're just running through the game questing it's certainly doable with holy freeze...

As for physical dmg (fanat, I presume?) I think it will be extremely difficult once you reach hell. You will likely have to rely on merc for a lot (thankfully fanat helps, here).

I've never tried conversion but if you're patient like @jiansonz I'm sure it's doable :)


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Conversions are excellent tanks, especially the big fast ones, but don’t expect them to produce much damage. I used the heck out of them with my tournament restricted Cleric. Just be careful with the auras you are running, like Fanatacism and Thorns, because it will stay active on your converted monsters for a second or so after they switch back to enemies once again and that can be painful for your mercenary and you if you’re in melee range. Good luck with your Ranger! One day I need to give one a try. Correct me if I wrong, but I feel a Barbarian mercenary would tend to be more aggressive and stay up front where needed most. This might prevent you from having to potentially tank so much, since I find the desert mercenaries often want to run back to the rear for some reason when there are no immediate enemies up front. This always gets dicey for me in Hell, especially with squishy characters when I am forced to try and drive him forward into combat.