Ranger help please?


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Ranger help please?

Well before the ladder reset announcement I was planning on making a ranger. Now he'll be the first priority after Orber and Hdin. I have yet to find a decent build guide for classic rangers. Here's what I've come up with on my own as possible set ups:

Rclaw + Holy Fire: I think Holy Fire is the only offensive aura that increases the splash damage also, so major points for that

Rclaw + Holy Freeze: Slowing attackers is great when you need more time to riddle them full of holes

High % Wizendraw + Holy Freeze: Slowing attackers matters much more when you can only hit one at a time, and with the -%CR from Wizendraw, the damage potential seems solid

Anyone know which I should use? Or another set up?


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Re: Ranger help please?

maybe you should try conviction/rclaw with chant.
if you will be levelling solo, without chanter on call, not sure. i had a gg freeze pally this patch, max hfreeze +syns, and it kills 350-400 dmg with aura in nightmare and is pretty strong. in hell its less viable and im not sure if it adds to ranged dmg but it can get 1k dmg top end very easily. with wizendraw that seems viable, but i dunno bout a claw ranger in hell with holy fire.. someone posted a build on a lvl 90 something ranger, but i think he had chant on call and was claw+convict. there is a thread will helpful info around here somewhere, have a look for it.
Re: Ranger help please?

i've just been making an untwinked HC ranger. he is alot of fun, and a great all round build, good for offensive and defensive duties.

my build is holy shock widowmaker (shael)

and holy fire kuko on weapon switch to tackle crowd control.

items so far:

peasant crown.
angelic amu
treachery armour
manald ring
angelic ring
some crap belt
nats boots

i also use a holy freeze merc to slow the enemies down, and to draw attention away from myself.

this char has been the most fun i have had, and its so diverse.

ias is the most important mod you want on items.

treachery armour is fantastic for ias (45%) and also chance to cast venom adds nice damgae, and to top it off, chance to cast fade makes your ranger look really cool :D


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Re: Ranger help please?

Uhh thanks but no thanks Ilikestuff. This is a classic thread.

Barty, I've been Searching the classic forums, and havent found much useful information on rangers. Could you please be a little more specific about the thread you're referring to?
The one thing I did learn about is another potential set up:

Rogue's Bow + Holy Shock: Massive IAS on the bow allows you to reach the breakpoint easily, the high volume of arrows compensates for the low min damage from Holy Shock, thus making the high max damage from Holy Shock viable and appealing

1) I don't and will not have chant on call
2) These auras can power any char with a bow through nm, really. I'm eyeing hell mostly
Re: Ranger help please?

well i was telling you about my build to give you an idea of what you want for your build. . .

i wasnt giving you a guide, just some advice. . . alot of people dont realise they dont need uber items.

maybe i shouldnt bother next time huh? ingrate


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Re: Ranger help please?

Sorry Ilikestuff, but the gear differences between classic and LoD are so extreme that any advice from either really doesn't cross over. For example, your note that IAS is the most important mod is very useful. But you don't have to use a specific bow to get to the IAS bps. In classic, Rogue's Bow, with its sub-optimal damage, is the only way to get that.

And yes, I realize I dont need uber-hawt-secks itemz, but the base weapon and skill are the kind of things that affect the entire character, and DO require planning and setup, etc.


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Re: Ranger help please?

kk, i found it
its one page 2 at the top of the thread lists, and its fearlessones thread about the conviction claw ranger, probably has some helpful information, or u can just ask him for some help.


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HK's Complete Elem Ranger Guide

i know a great deal about rangers so if u want info on different builds and whatever about them i can help even further beyond this post if u want.

this post is only about elem damage rangers. so if u wanna make a phys damage ranger let me know.
for (dream-godly) party play:

best ranger (imo) would be:

using any 1 or 2 of the 3 elem auras (holy freeze+wizendraw+enchant, holy fire+raven claw+enchant, holy shock+rogues+enchant, and/or holy freeze+ravenclaw+enchant).

*And have your party teammates give u conviction, fanaticism, LR, enchant, BO, etc.*

With conviction and LR, u can probably even use fire damage (holy fire+raven claw+enchant) everywhere and kill due to stacking of conviction and LR breaking even fire immunities down enough that u might be able to kill easily. so the same is true for ice and lit as well.

depends what u want:

like high IAS but single target (holy shock+rogue+enchant), area of effect (holy fire and/or enchant+ravenclaw), chill and slow and massive -resistance for massive damage (-33% cold resist wizendraw, -125 ? % 3 resists from conviction, - ? % all 4 resists from LR = insane cold and good fire damage) but single target (holy freeze+wizendraw+enchant), or area of effect and chill and slow and good fire and cold damage (holy freeze+ravenclaw+enchant).
for non-dream/godly party play OR solo:

my posts as well can be of help:
some discussion on rangers (find my post=scroll down):

here is the best solo ranger (find my post=scroll down):


actually, i'll copy the part in my post about this best solo ranger (imo) for u right here (directly below the dashed line or this paraphrase. it starts off adressing fearlessone):
for fearlessone and whoever, :

that link i gave for the ranger guide didn't talk about the duel paladin ranger build. i thoguht it did. sorry. also i cant rember where i saw it. so i'll jsut give the out line for it myself:

*this is a very powerful pvm build!! it can go solo an 8 player game from norm act 1 to hell act 4 cs diablo with relatively cheap gear (namely u jsut need the bows/xbow: ravenclaw/hellcast and/or wizendraw and/or rogues/demon?)

stats: base or enough str for gear, base or enough dex for gear, rest or all into vit.

weapons: ravenclaw/hellcast? and/or wizendraw and/or rogues/demon?

gear: use whatever gear u want/need.

(instead of raven claw u could use the other fire splash xbow? hellcast? and maybe there's also a unique repeating xbow too, can't remeber if it does fire splash or if it jsut has pierce and i'm getting it confused with having fire splash on it. though most poeple jsut use ravenclaw, but the hellcast? unique xbow might be better. i'm not sure)

1. "best/better" build: fire and cold ranger:
2. alternative "weaker" build #1: lit and cold ranger:
3. alternative "weaker" build #2: lit and fire ranger:

(1. build) max holy freeze+resist cold, holy fire+resist fire, rest of points where ever and/or into salvation for more damage to both holy freeze and holy fire. switch between the two auras and bows as u need to kill monsters. use wizendraw for holy freeze. use raven claw/hellcast? for holy fire.

(2. or 3. build) if u are using lit damage than max holy shock+lit resist and use this to replace either holyfire+fire resist or holy freeze+resist cold. use rogue bow or demon? unique -60 base speed xbow with holy shock.

LOD ranger guide link:

ach sorry i never mentioned about what stats and gear u should use:


enough str/dex for weapon/gear. rest into vit.


already discussed above


IAS (damage is elem so u want speed for more damage) and resist (u got huge life from most pts into vit. all u need is resists for final protection) gear mainly.

Also, CB/OW/poison on gear can speed up killing too.

And if u wanna be really nasty, use flee and knock back gear too.
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Re: Ranger help please?

Uh, holy shock and holy freeze increase the aura damage. As far as I know, holy shock has the highest aura damage of all three when maxed (around 600 without with +2 skill points, and 720 with +5; type 'diablo skill planner' in google to check it).
Im using one (around level 45) to MF normal, because he can run fast due to charge and kills nearly everything with 1 aura pop (even in CS, basically you can run diablo).

I dont think he is too effective in hell, I will try to check the one who was made by my friend which is level ** or something (he used the char for duels though - not MF), currently Im having some internet problems and cant join bnet (but can post t.t).

The setup is:
20 holy shock
20 lightning resists
1 into zeal and 1 in synergy
1 charge, 1 smite
5 pts into holy shield

If you want to level him a bit more (to clean nightmare perhaps), you should think of getting zeal perhaps, and a real damage weapon with IAS + sacrifice to pump zeal damage (not sure if you wont die to iron maiden though).

To MF normal I use the following setup:
gull (100 mf)
angelic amulet+ring+armor (fr, 100mf, +1skill, some AR)
boots with 30frw, fhr and resists (fr/lr are best)
that unique shield with 20 mf (an alternative is that +1pala/15 res unique shield, or a rare shield, but I never used them)

On switch, I use the unique palladin scepter, stormeye (with +3 holy shock and cold damage), which boosts the damage significantly (really important in nightmare, as you will be leveling there methinks - I made like 3 tesladins and only got one of them to hell, rest was leveled in nightmare to ~45-50).

If you will start the ladder, you will probably be poor, so you can use alternative gear to MF normal:
angelic sword - it gives 4frame zeal (also useful in cs, the level ** friend used it in hell cs, because iron maiden didnt kill him this way), some other bonuses, which I dont remember
sigon shield + boots (50 mf and +1 skill, but high str req)

As for stat points:
if you plan to MF normal, you can get quite low strenght with this setup (I think stormeye is the heaviest and you can even skip it, but leveling will be more painful)
and my advice would be for you to think about pumping ENERGY (yes!), as the char will be using charge a lot and thus you wont have to drink that much (nearly everything on screen is dying anyway)

Basically the char will be charging around using the aura to kill everything on the screen. I usually run coldcrow, rakanishu, (perhaps andy), mef (on normal the levels are quite small, but often confusing), and diablo (easiest to run - always at the same spot).

Diablo could sometimes harm the char (mostly due to lag), but you could just drink a bottle to fill the life up. Also some really nasty infector can be dangerous (lightning enchanted), but I usually use the lightning resists aura then to run away.


As for nightmare - (please note that I havent tried such a char extensively, as its irritating to die in nightmare and to kill everything individually - the aura made me lazy :D) - you will definitely need more resists. Also the damage will be too slow to kill with just the aura, so you will have to fight actually. My char dies in NM cs with my "normal" setup posted above.

Probably - stack resists and damage:
a fast +2 weapon (not sure if zeal/normal damage is worth it if you plan to CS, because iron maiden can kill you), angelic sword (since you wont be using the armor), the unique scimitar with open wounds, or the 20% cb/50% open wounds weapon (sorry, forgot English name).
+2 shield with res
res armor
angelic amu/rings (to hit, not for MF actually..)
perhaps goblins

Im not sure if aura can kill even with + skill items and how far do you plan to level up, so perhaps the +skills are not needed.


As for my friends setup ***+) - he basically made a duel tesladin and used low str gear with good resists, death's sash (gloves on switch/ I think he used 10ias/res gloves) and a high damage sword with +pally skills. He just pumped zeal too and some points into the cold resists aura to get his max resists up.

Not sure how did that char would work to MF nightmare/hell.


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Re: Ranger help please?

One more comment: the +mana after each kill from the unique shield does not work with holy shock :( (this would allow you to charge indifenitely)
Re: Ranger help please?

Sorry Ilikestuff, but the gear differences between classic and LoD are so extreme that any advice from either really doesn't cross over. For example, your note that IAS is the most important mod is very useful. But you don't have to use a specific bow to get to the IAS bps. In classic, Rogue's Bow, with its sub-optimal damage, is the only way to get that.

And yes, I realize I dont need uber-hawt-secks itemz, but the base weapon and skill are the kind of things that affect the entire character, and DO require planning and setup, etc.
well all you need to know is that ias is the single most important thing to your build (skills aside). youre damage is coming from the aura, the dmg from the weapon is irrelevant, it just matters how many arrows you can pump out. theres no point sacrificing ias for dmg, because your aura does more dmg than any bow will.

you need decent ar, and a merc to deal with a monster that is immune to both your chosen attacks. you will obvz have some sort of melee, i use zeal with mine. but your merc shouldnt have too much trouble taking them out anyway.

good luck


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Re: Ranger help please?

Unfortunately, the mercs in Classic don't follow you from act to act, nor can they be given equipment to boost their stats.


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Re: Ranger help please?

Unfortunately, the mercs in Classic don't follow you from act to act, nor can they be given equipment to boost their stats.
They can be chanted, and will finally do some damage in hell that way, but they will die soon. And you get only act1-2 mercs who will use chant, however the act3 mercs can use conviction. Its more useful to enchant barbs and zons and necro minions. A merc lasts a bit longer than a zons valk here in classic, but not much longer.

Don't expect the 1.12a patch, or whatever it will be called, to help us out here in Classic.

I would definitely go for twitch, sigs or deaths gloves and very high resist gear. Holy Fire aura I've never tried.

Like I've said before, I like HegemonKhan's ideas about a Holy Freeze aura to complement other auras. It's a great party aura, but haven't tried it out yet on a Ranger. It's in keeping with the spirit of my Conviction RAnger, to keep using a bow to make kills with fire immune monsters. That can be done with either Holy Freeze or even physical damage with Fanaticism.

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Re: Ranger help please?

Just thought i would mention in terms of gear:

sigons gloves + hat, goldwrap, twitchthroe, rogues bow - seems the fastest to me - my rangers all used this gear - but you might be preferable to deaths gloves and belt, and something like howltusk or coif of glory for a status effect on the arrows.
That being said, irathas gives limited attack speed increase - i think its 20% - and it gives res too - but you dont get cbf - however some guides ive read state its better to have one big dmg arrow per second than several weaker ones - i always found its better to pump arrows and blind/flee the monsters regardless as to how much dmg you wil do - the paladin was never intended to be an archer so he has no group arrow attacks after all.

Let us know how its going if its still going :smug:


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Re: Ranger help please?

Here's the requested update:

After lengthy private correspondence with HegemonKhan, I managed to squeeze some solid, simple, and useful explanations out of him :p

If you're going with a ranger, go with the Cold/Fire build. Here's why:
1) Rclaw is awesome, and can do just about everything all on its own. Thus we focus on Holy Fire to add to the flaming Rclaw goodness vs non-fire immunes / non-hi-fire-res monsters (hereafter referred to as "icky monsters").
2) Icky monsters tend to be more vulnerable to cold than lightning, hence Holy Freeze over Holy Shock. Wizendraw increases said punishment (yay for -%res!), making up for the lack of Rclaw awesomeness.
3) The only thing Holy Shock has going for it is hi max damage. The min damage is pathetic, and there is no tactical advantage. If you want a Holy Shock ranger, do it for fun, not to be awesome and fun.

... maybe there's more, but lunch time is over. I'll write more tomorrow if there is more to be said. Enjoy!