Ranger Bows?


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Ranger Bows?

I was wondering what kind of bows i should use if i am mainly concerned PvM:
Things im looking for:
Speed: Attack speed will be pretty important to me. Basically, the faster the better.

Attack Rating: I do not plan on too many points in dexterity, however i do expect to have fanat aura on 90% of the time, so some bonus to AR would be nice. Ignore target defense weapons would allow me to use other auras however.

Damage: This will be pretty important, but secondary to the other two.

(This is non-ladder so i cant upgrade items)
Thx in advance for all replies!


Edit: Sorry didn't notice you're non-ladder until too late.

Off ladder, the best bow for damage is probably still Windforce.

Try the passive AR bonus from Blessed Aim, if you find yourself lacking in that department. A Blessed Aim merc will help as well.


My favorite for physical damage is an upgraded Witchwild String bow:

Witchwild String (Unique Diamond Bow)
Two-Hand Damage: (83-89) To (100-108) (91-99 Avg)
Required Level: 54
Required Strength: 89
Required Dexterity: 132
Base Weapon Speed: [0]
+150-170% Enhanced Damage (varies)
Fires Magic Arrows [Level 20]
2% Chance To Cast Level 5 Amplify Damage On Striking
+ (1 Per Character Level) 1-99 % Deadly Strike (Based On Character Level)
All Resistances +40

Every modifier on this thing is great. With Amp Damage and Deadly Strike, you can do quadruple (x4) damage. That's 364-396 average damage, that's before Fanaticism, Might merc aura, and Dex boosts.


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since you are using fanaticism, you will hit max frames easily with almost any bow you use. An excellent bow is still the eaglehorn. It has massive ar, good damage, and can hit 9 frames with 60 ias (gotten from gear). It should also be relatively cheap compared to the other bows. You don't need mana leech, so that isn't a problem. It does lack the built in knockback, huge damage, and some ias of the windforce, but it is still an excellent bow to consider. Also, there are burizas, and I have found some *excellent* rare bows that are reasonably easy to upgrade. I would keep an eye out for those, too. Good luck!!