Range 5 and still missing?

Sint Nikolaas

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Range 5 and still missing?

Alright this is a PvP related question although some PvM elements come back in it. Just a warning if you don't know what I'm talking about.

So, in PvP range topics are always very interesting, especially for melee attackers. More range is better as it will give you a chance to hit your opponent while he might still be out of range to hit you. Now the most common range items are range 2 (phase blades for example), range 3 (berzerker axes mostely) and range 5 (poleaxes). The benefit of having the best range comes at the prize of a shield.

Now as some of you know I build a max damage 2-handed fury wolf using a rare giant thresher (range 5). The problem when I went into the PvP scene was that I just couldn't use the range to my advantage. I'll sketch a couple of scenes and then I'll ask a question or two.

Scene 1:
You know when you're walking around in PvM with fury (or any melee attack) on your right click and you just wander around holding right without targetting monsters and attacking everything in range?

Well, that doesn't work in PvP. You can even bump right into your opponent but just bypass him.

Scene 2:
You know when you're getting surrounded in PvM and just hold shift and click anywhere on the screen (not targetting) to start attacking any monster in range?

Well, that doesn't work either. This was a major draw back, as I understood the shift-attack you could just stand your ground and while holding shift it would automatically attack the opponent when he'd be in range. Well, after some testing it just didn't work. I walked right upto a stationary person, made sure I was in range (you know like seriously in range 1 or so, tested by hitting him once) and then faced the other way. I hold shift and clicked the ground... and nothing happened, I attacked the way my mouse pointed and not the opponent even while he was in range.
That seriously bummed me. I thought the auto aim would apply just as it would in PvM making my range something to seriously consider, but it seems I have to target someone to actually start hitting.

Scene 3:
You know when you're running around in PvM with a big poleaxe (range 5) and you target a monster to attack it? What I noticed is that you walk upto that monster and walk closer then necesarry most often around range 3. I noticed this because sometimes when I knock back a monster or a monster flees away I can still hit him after he has done a few paces.

Well, sadly that's the same in PvP. If I target someone with my stick I still walk upto him and start attacking as if I held a range 3 weapon. This blows ofcourse because I want to start attacking someone sooner if he has a berzerker axe for example. This is also damn annoying when chasing someone. Seriously, stop running away. :rolleyes:

I really wonder why this is though...

Scene 4:
Now here's where it gets interesting. This I haven't tested thouroughly, but I used logic (which we all know doesn't always apply to the game) and a bit of experience.
In scene 4 you have to picture a PvP scene where I walk upto to someone target him but now hold shift down (making me stand still). I start attacking the air around me in the direction of my opponent. Now I deducted that the range here still is about 3. I use shift attack, meaning I have to target someone to hit. However if I target someone while not using shift my range gets reduced. So ''logically'' if I target someone while holding shift down my range gets reduced also.
I didn't get to test this well enough as in most scenes where I tried to see the game was chaotic or over too soon. However it does seem to work normally (giving range 5) in PvM, like when you're standing behind your merc or minions.

Does anyone have any experience with this? The whole range reduce thing while targetting someone seriously hurts, chasing someone with range 5 is as hard as with range 2 which is a real bummer for my char. If the range reduce is the same on the shift attack I might aswell rebuild him and go with a shield and a life setup.
Anyway, input appreciated. :thumbsup:


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I can't help you much here, I almost always use left click for attack (that's mostly fury). I did try to use right click against sorcs, but I didn't liked it so I switched it back soon after. But, I remember, once I had fury on right click when I dueled a necro (f. rage was on left), and it autoaimed bone walls and golem when they were in range, which wasn't very good :)
that doesn't happen to me in pvp. Sometimes when I fight against barbs, they would try to leap on me and (I think) zerk me, while I was holding shift + fury. That would almost always result in hits on my opponent.
I didn't notice that, but I use shift a bit differently. When I want to hit someone in max range I do this: Just before he is in range I namelock him and immediately press shift (before he is in range), so that the first swing can land just when he come into my range. Angleing is also important here. If I do this right I would always attack on maximum range.

also, namelocking without shift does reduce range.