Random Tournament 2008!


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Well, Pizarro the Paladin has just defeated the Smith, who was surprisingly easy. It's been really slow going though, as my only skill before 18 is smite, and the only items I've come across that I can use are bucklers, targes, and belts. I just hit 18, and the holy freeze is helping out, but since I'm still stuck with my starting short sword my damage is terrible. I really hope a Grand Sceptre drops soon. :\

I've only found one S/U so far, and it was a Gull dagger from the Pits. Normally I'm happy to find Gull's on untwinked single player characters as it typically speeds up the item finding process... but obviously, no go here.

Pizarro is really empathizing here with Act II mercenaries, as he's essentially a walking aura while my Act I 'mercenary', who has a REAL weapon, does the killing. I've kept almost every single damage charm I can get my hands on... but I still end up just supporting my merc by smiting the baddies away from her.

A few NDE's, mostly because I get bored tanking and waiting for my rogue (diagnosed with ADD) to kill everything, and I lose my focus, which isn't usually a big deal, except sometimes there are more powerful mobs that decimate my red orb. I usually try to get into a choke point with the villains on one side and my protagonist mercenary and just smite away.

I'm really looking forward to level 24 Conversion, and level 30 Fanaticism. I hope by then I'll have a Grand Sceptre. Actually, I hope I won't have to fight Andariel with a short sword... I have a feeling it won't cut it.

WPs : 6 points
Quests : 10 points
Total : 16 points

EDIT: Oh, and I had no idea that the Countess could *not* drop runes. I haven't found a single one yet! :D
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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Hey everyone

I got bored of the battle.net and decided to play some single player. This tournament has got me interested and i want somebody to roll for me please.

Bow & Crossbow : 3
Passive : 2
Weapon : bow


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Bow & Crossbow Skills: Exploding Arrow, Cold Arrow, Ice Arrow
Passive & Magic Skills: Dodge, Slow Missiles

Bow: Composite Bow
Zon Bow: Stag Bow

Helm: Bone Helm
Armor: Breast Plate
Shield: Tower Shield
Gloves: Light Gauntlets
Boots: Chain Boots
Belt: Light Belt

hmm.. nice synergy in the skills there, but not much early def.. any rerolls for you?


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Well Pizarro managed to beat Andariel using smite and a lot of potions, despite still having to use the starting weapon. She didn't drop anything useful besides her gems. Finally, with Act II he's been able to fill up some equipment slots, most importantly with a Grand Sceptre! He imbued a superior grand sceptre bought from Drognan and the Sewers and Radament were cleared with ease on /p8. A refreshing change from the former tediousness.

Four more levels until conversion. :D


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Dogwood decided to get back to work and cleared the Arcane Santuary, continued on throught he red portal and killed everything in the canyon on the other side. He ventured into one of the tombs, but since the wolves and cold merc had to do all the killing, it was really slow going, so he stopped for the night after clearing that first tomb.

Found a new rare buckler that's ok, and got the wolves up to slvl 10.

Oh, and I should share with you that Dogwood has this weird quirk.. he compulsively picks up and saves every poison potion he comes across. Most people sell them, since they're worth good money, but not Dogwood. The good people of Lut Gholein are starting to complain about his stash of over 1,200 Strangling Gas Potions, but Dogwood doesn't notice.. he has bigger crabs to fry.


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Pala, the paladin has defeated Mephisto. The drop is not worth mentioning.

Not much to report from Act 3. It was relatively easy going on /p7. Smite, thorns and sanctuary are maxed and holy bolt is in progress. I made Malice in a partizan for the merc but I'm looking for something better. I also gambled the set cap from Saragon's set but a war hat with 2 PTopazes is better, so the cap has gone to stash.

I have a big collection of gems and i'm sure there is something valuable to do with them, but I'm not sure what. I have a magic lance (ilvl 61) which I can reroll with perfects, but I wonder if it wouldn't be better to wait for an elite. I also crafted some more, but with poor results.

Here is the updated table as it has no longer been updated since several pages.

  Character     Class        Forum Name       	 Level 	  Act
   Pala         Paladin      atreides               64    A4NM
   LovelyArrows Amazon       Vang                   34    A5
   BOB          Necro        SonOfBaal              33    A5
   Seoman       Paladin      Merlin The Wizzard     30	  A5
   Kravos_Dos   Assassin     DuesNox	 	    25    A3
   Claw         Druid        Gholi                  20    A2
   Conan        Barb         Vang                   19    A2
   HesDeadJim   Necro        Kedali                       A2
   DogWood      Druid        FatFree                25    A2
   Pizarro      Paladin      Chrispminis            20    A2
   TurkeyBuz    Druid        Vang                   14    A1
   Chi_mistress Assassin     Docturnal              12    A1
   Huggies      Druid        Poida                   7    A1
   Helios       Necro        Docturnal               5    A1
   Fractal      Druid        Tormal                       A1
                Assassin     Winmar                       A1
                Amazon       TheReadMenace                A1
   WIT-Kapoof   Assassin     Dolph                   1    A1
  BubbaJones   Barbarian     Vang                   36    A5
  Ohh-shiny    Sorceress     Vang                   27    A3
  Kravos       Sorceress     DuesNox                25    A2
  Wildfire     Druid         Vang                   14    A2
  Kala-Azar    Assassin      Oblivious              17    A1
  Orator       Paladin       Docturnal                    A1


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Pala is in Harrogath.

Act IV began pretty smoothly going on p7 until I ran into grotesques. Those are the most horrible monsters Pala has yet encountered. One boss pack provided the most scarry NDE until now. Pala was all surrounded, the merc was dead, and the TP I opened seemed very far away. I don't know how I managed to reach it, but for a moment I thought this was the end. From then on I dropped the player setting to 3 (occasionally 5) and only raised it to p7 for the seals of chaos sanctuary.

One notable drop was the unique bill which is the primary weapon for the merc for now. The Malice partizan is still at hand for fast regenerating monsters.

The forge gave a Pul, which is pretty much useless for this character. I also found my first elite items in the Chaos Sanctuary: a white shako and a magic tomahawk.

Diablo himself has been taken on p3 and the drop was some rares and blues. Nothing worth keeping.

Onward to the riches of Act V!

Pala the Paladin, lvl 66, Act V NM


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

I recently got the urge back to play some D2, so finally i have officialy started this tournament with my Assassin!

So far my Rogue companion is doing most of the work. She got a bow with 3 chipped rubies. I've put points in Preq's and 1 point in BoS so far. Hopefully my killing power will get a boost at level 18 when claws of thunder is available.

Im starting to question the viability of the skills though, perhaps a untwinked martial artist without Claw Mastery is not doable? My attack rating will be very poor! And i can't invest too heavily in dex since i need the vit if i'm going to be in melee range all the time. Ofcourse i could let my merc and SM do the killing while i CC with MB, but thats not very fun!

What do you guys think? Should i reroll another char or stick with this one? What about the AR issue?

Randominatrix the level 17 Assassin
A1 Normal
Waypoint: Outer Cloister

Burst of Speed: 1
Mind Blast: 0
Shadow Master: 0
Blades of Ice: 0
Claws of Thunder: 0

Heavy Gloves
Chain Boots
Heavy Belt
Small Shield *
Blade Talons or Club
Splint Mail
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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Ha, just come back from a 2-week motorcycle trip through Europe and I have a huge desire to play some Diablo :jig:.

@winmar: i think the build could be playable and fun. The attack rating is somewhat boosted by blades of ice, there is the mode Ignore Target's Defense on some items, Reduce Monster Defense on others (which can be assigned to the merc's weapon) and, alltogether, the points you would put in dex would be not wasted as I assume you would be wearing a shield. Bottom line, I think you should play as long it is fun for you to play. If the build bores you, roll another.


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Pala is henceforth known as Conqueror Pala!

It was a hard Act V although the rolls were full of undead. The first serious challenge was a boss pack of moon lords which rapidly depleted the cash reserves as it killed the merc countless times. Lucky for me, I have just saved Anya so I could use the red portal to raise some more cash to finally defeat the boss. I promptly dropped to players 1, but that precaution was not necessary most of the time so I soon went back to /p7. The Throne of Destruction contained only undead so that was very nice but still hard as the Oblivion Knights kept on being resurrected by the mummies. It took a while to lure small groups of monsters to their death but eventually all was clear. The first wave of Ball's minions was approached on /p7. Soon after, I discovered that the merc was killed instantly by fanaticism endowed fallen, so the next waves were on /p5. They were quite untroublesome, so Baal himself was on /p5. He also fell easily with meager drops (the unique gnarled staff, some rares and blues, nothing worth keeping). Speaking of drops, the following have dropped during Act V:
- the laying of hands (the first exceptional set, I think)
- the unique barbed shield
- one Io rune and one more Sol.
- one grand and one large charms with MF on them

I would very much like to find a Ko as I could upgrade the rare Gilded Shield I have to double my smite damage. That also can be done via finding a two socket Zakarum shield to make Rhyme in it. Hm, maybe the cows will be generous :).


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Nice work Atreides, keep it up, goodluck with cows and hell!


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Hi all ^___^
I want to participate in this event. I know it's a little late but I'm still interest :D

I would like to do a Necromancer:

3 In curse & 2 In Psn/Bones
2 In curse & 3 In Psn/Bones (Plz flip a coin for that :D)
Weapon: wand


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

@Mezion: It's never to late :).

Here are the rolls (the coin decided 2 curses and 3 poison&bone ):

The skills:
- Teeth, Bone Wall, Bone Spear
- Decrepify, Lower Resist

- Mask
- Gothic Plate
- Spiked Shield
- Chain Gloves
- Chain Boots
- Plated Belt
- Bone Wand
- Zombie Head

Any rerolls?


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

I decided to post more often than at the end of each act as death is imminent :).

Pala is at the BlacK Marsh WP, conveniently placed at a stick throw from the entrance to the Tamoe Highlands. The going was tough even at players 1. Monsters drop relatively quickly but Pala's health also drops very quickly. The merc dies often but the cash reserves are high as the gambling is not as heavy as before. I switch often the merc equipment as I have a 2-socket shako and a 2-socket serpent skin with PTopazes for him. I was hoping for some better equipment to come along, but that was not the case. I was a bit dissapointed in the drops as I was often sporting 200+ MF and have only 3 normal sets and 2 uniques ( one normal and the unique mesh boots) to show for it.

I was worried about Blood Raven but that was so easy with Sanctuary that I wish I would have raised the players setting. Until now there are no parked monsters and no uncleared areas.

The NDE were many but one in particular is worth mentioning. In one of the tower cellars, near the entry, two boss packs of goatmen awaited. Using the merc as a meat shield I managed to slowly make my way through (smiting in a direction, running in the space created, TP out as the merc was dead at that time, repeat). I ran through the level encountering more monsters, but in the doorways some of the packs lost track of me and finally I managed to reach a room with no bosses and there I made my stand. Countless merc resurections later I cleared the room and established a bridge head in the level. It was very lucky for Pala to survive that situation. At the bottom of the tower, the countess dropped an Eth and an El.

Equipment-wise not much has changed. Resistances are in the 50 range (with the help of some charms I dig up from the stash), except for Poison which is negative. When in open ground I use a prismatic amulet of luck (18 resist all, 35 MF). Otherwise, the crafted amulet for more blocking and some dmg reduction. The merc uses a Cruel Lance of Performance bought from Larzuk and, for the occasionaly PIs, switches to a pestilent pike (275 Poison in 6 sec). The other merc equipment is a 2 socket shako with some jewels (lightning dmg, resist fire and some poison dmg) and an ethereal serpentskin with one socket (jewel with 28 enhanced dmg).

As skills go, all but Resist Fire are maxed (Smite, Holy Bolt, Sanctuary and Thorns).

That being said, I hope the next update will not be the last for Pala :).

Pala, lvl 76, Act I Hell


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Re: Random Tournament 2008!

Pala has reached the Inner Cloister WP. I switched the computer at which I'm playing and the drops increased in quality (quite odd). Nothing really useful, but nevertheless heartening. In the areas passed since the last update I found:
- the unique ancient shield
- one unique full plate (I think, I sold it anyway)
- the sigon's wrap (sold)
- the green reinforced mace
- the green bill (now I have both the gold and the green bills, but I'm still using the cruel lance and, occasionally, one 'Malice' partizan)
- one white war pike (which I'm not sure how to use; one option is to imbue it; another, to socket it, but I'm short of jewels/runes to fill the sockets with)
- one unique gothic bow

The progress was slow but somewhat more safe. I adjusted the equipment with some more charms but the main reason for this is just pure luck. The areas were quite open and the monsters had the kindness to attack only few at a time. One hard situation was in the Pit Level 2 as one boss pack of rogue archers tried to deny me the golden chest. It was a cursed and some kind of chill enchanted boss, so the merc died before landing one single shot and I was barely escaping with a sliver of health every time I approached them. Smart of me, I attracted them to the entrance of the level which made my escape easier, but that didn't provide the means to corrode the pack at all. As the story usually goes, after many merc resurrections, I decided my cash reserves will be gone before a single monster will die so a new approach was needed. I checked my inventory for options but found none. And when short of ideas, playing dumb is the obvious alternative. I decided to charge between the monsters and maybe survive to claim the golden chest. My mind was passed briefly by the thought that I was dealing with a chilling pack, with no faster run/walk on me, and with a window of about 2 seconds before my pack (Pala+merc) would be 'nullified', but I discarded that thought as irrelevant. The story goes further with Pala reaching the chest and finding nothing of value inside. Luckily the boss pack lost me on some stairs and I could slowly approach the monsters one by one until they were all dead. That led me to the conclusion that any success in the final standing in this tourney will be owed to luck and luck alone. My wit has nothing to do with it. Actually, the lack of it may have contributed a little :). But that goes along well with the random theme.

Maybe other participants will pick up their pace and give some inspiration to Pala for his next adventures.