Random Duels Clips


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killian27 said:
Do you have a guide for your build posted anywhere? If not, would you post an outline? Watching your video's has been a trip, and I've been thinking of making one....
use my guide and max oak last instead of werewolf :thumbsup:


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stoutewolf said:
use my guide and max oak last instead of werewolf :thumbsup:
Your guide suggests one point in werewolf iirc? So you are saying max werewolf and put remaining points into sage? Sorry, just want to make sure I am clear on the point.

I'm gonna go re-look at your guide, cause i might just be corn-fused. :grin:


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I love how you owned that revive stack nec. Gotta love that rabies / run against the barb. :smiley:

figures you don't gold steal but they do. :tongue:

edit: I salute how you didn't well when against multiple opponents.


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What impresses me the most about your dueling style is that, first you don't heal even when you're up against multiple opponents until you die. Also you can stand taking those half minded tactics/comments from those public duelers during not talk. :shocked:

Good job.


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Kiba isn't an angel. He's grabbed some gold a few times. :grin: You really should've shrined, though. Put me in one of your videos!


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I have come to the conclusion that all TcO members are bm... gj with takin it to them Kiba! :thumbsup:


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Random barb: WTF
Random barb: RABIE ***

Funny as hell... everytime :laugh:


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The fun stuff I miss when I am not around. And no kiba isnt a as good mannered as some people might think. Me and him nk people all the time for fun. But still he is a nice guy and duels well mannered when asked as well. Just like I do too. Just in case some one goes omg your all bm noooo.