Rabies / Fury PvP WW


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Rabies / Fury PvP WW


Druid Werewolf with slvl 43 Werewolf Skill
Weapon Class: Mace
Base Speed 10 with 0% OIAS

Frames % WIAS Frames % WIAS
14/8/8/8/8 0 % 10 0 %
13/8/8/8/8 3 % 9 10 %
12/7/7/7/7 10 % 8 17 %
11/7/7/7/7 17 % 7 37 %
10/6/6/6/6 26 % 6 64 %
9/6/6/6/6 37 % 5 81 %
9/5/5/5/5 49 % 4 128 %
8/5/5/5/5 64 % 3 162 %
7/4/4/4/4 81 % 2 271 %
6/4/4/4/4 102 % 1 366 %
5/4/4/4/4 128 %
4/3/3/3/3 162 %
3/2/2/2/2 271 %
2/2/2/2/2 366 %
1/1/1/1/1 524 %

transform into a werewolf

Mana Cost: 15
Life: +25 percent
Stamina Bonus: +25 percent
Duration: 920 seconds

Current Skill Level: 43
To Attack Rating: +680 percent
Attack Speed: +77 percent

passive - improves duration and life
when in werewolf or werebear form

Current Skill Level: 43
Max Life: +230 percent
Duration: +880 seconds

when in werewolf form,
bite your enemies
to inflict them with disease
that spreads to other monsters

Mana Cost: 10

Current Skill Level: 38
Attack: +309 percent
Poison Damage: 24010-24572
over 18.8 seconds

when in werewolf form, attack
either multiple adjacent targets
or one target multiple times

Current Skill Level: 38
5 hits
Attack Bonus: +309 percent
Damage: +729 percent
Mana Cost: 4

Heart of Wolverine
summon a spirit pet that adds
to the damage and attack rating
of you and your party

Current Skill Level: 31
Life: 1088-1224
Damage: +230 percent
Attack: +235 percent
Radius: 60 yards
Mana Cost: 50

Highlords Wrath
40/15Ias x3 Lo Griswalds Caddy (85 Ias)
UM Stormshield
Upgraded Gore Riders
Draculs Grasp
or Trangs Gloves
40/15 Verdungos
Carrion Wind
250/20 Raven Frost
UM Upgraded Jalals Mane
10x +1Shapeshifting 45Life
1/20/20/10 Annihilus
9x 3/20/3 Fr/w

Stats (BASE):
136 Strength (121 Points)
197 Dexterity (177 Points)
232 Vitality
Stats (MOD):
191 Strength
237 Dexterity
292 Vitality

Other Statistics:
4457 Life
21302 Attack Rating
170 - 197 Base Damage
2125 - 2800 Final Damage
72% Deadly Strike
102% Faster Run/Walk

This build is for melee and casters in pvp, with the ability to pvm in hell. Any input is welcome, looking for people with experience with this build or type of build.

A few questions:

Is shaeling a Stormshield really necessary over something like UM?

Will 102% Fr/w be enough to catch teleporters?

Which do you think Trangs Gloves or Draculs?

Highlords, Maras, or Cats Eye?

Thanks in Advance.


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Dracul's is BM :p So I say Trang Oul's. Besides, against fast movers Rabies will be much better in the end, most likely.

Hmm, for ammies it depends on the opponent. Highlord's vs Melee, Mara's vs Casters is what I would likely do.

To catch teleporters you are going to need lots of range and a little luck. The more r/w the better, and I'd get more than 102 if you can.

I'm not sure about Shaeling SS, since blocking is all different now and complicated. I think it is still beneficial, but again, depending on the opponent it might not be needed.

Good luck!


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we know what they are, they are annoying to go through and d2.net needs bandwidth

shaeling ss will not help because block lock has been eliminated so might as well put in ed/max in it


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What kind of weapon do you suggest for catching teleporters with range?

I just listed the skills that I was planning on maxing.

Thx for replies

~Kazama Fury~

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Rascargil said:
incidentally, anyone reached the 3 frame mark and beyond? ;)
i assume u mean with a druid.

i think this question has been asked many times, its not possible with legit gear.
My assassin build :(

Shifts to bear with beast, then uses
Jeweler's Runic Talons of Quickness, socketed with 3 shaels (I'm not sure about exact bps) with a high level BoS, and 100ias on -30 claws, you could get 3 frames I believe?

~Kazama Fury~

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Æ’enris said:
My assassin build :(

Shifts to bear with beast, then uses
Jeweler's Runic Talons of Quickness, socketed with 3 shaels (I'm not sure about exact bps) with a high level BoS, and 100ias on -30 claws, you could get 3 frames I believe?
its an assassin, not a druid.
u just said it.

if its not a druid, then why go so far? Dragon Talon, 7/2 attack.


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A 4 frame, range 5, two-hander would help against casters. There should be some listed in a guide.
If I used TD's calculator correctly that would be a 2 frame attack o_O

Feral Rage is great vs. runners, lotta speed should keep you right at their heels.