rabies/fury Druid need advice


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rabies/fury Druid need advice

aight fellas names widow, new to pvp,first time to appear on forums, descided to go with a melee druids, did not want to be a regular pvp char(sin,.WW)so i made a rabies/druid. i hear from diffrent ppl that they suck ass chunks and from other ppl that the own. so ima bit confused, as of now here is my gear.

lvl 77 druid(daMiLf-HuNteR)

jalals - socket shael, for fast hit recovery
stormshield - socket shael, for fast block rate
goreriders -fast run walk, deadly strike, crushing blow, and openwounds
verdungos- for damage reduced, good vital, fast hit recovery
dracul - for leach, tap, openwounds
gris caddy - 3 40/15 ias jewels, and Lo, for deadly, hits 4 frames
shapeshift -(****ty armour i know) 30% damage reduction
raven frost - for cannot be frozen
carrion wind - for leach and rabies bug
(rings) - havnt desicde to go with angelics,with ammy for ar open 4 advice on that
highlords - for deadly
charms - 6 shape gc's (will reach 10)

with gear on
strength / 192 - fit for max strength in gear, but seems i put too much
dex / 188 - enough for max block
vit / 207 - everything else
energy / 40 - none

life - 2k
def - 2k
rabies - 4k
fury - 1.5k
ar - 10k

this might be a sorce of a problem, but for most melee duels u wont need resists so ive been told.

fire / -70
cold / -10
light / -10
posion / -15

so im not sure if my build just sucks,.or rabies/fury druids cant hack it, or im doing somthing wrong or useing the wrong gear, ive won about 1/8 of my duels,. =| .. ive used all my resources to get the gear i have, gave my leg for a Lo rune, and it seems i might have wasted it in my weapon. looking to get sum advice from expeirenced pvp'ers,.i want to make a good rabies/fury if ne1 else has a guide or sum adivce,.ty for wastin ur time reading my noob druid :thumbsup:


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Low life, low damage, low level, low AR - those are your problems. Get lvl 90 first of all because u need it to max out all ur important skills (20 ww, 20 lyc, 20 fury, 20 oak, 20 rabies). Secondly, damage reduction cap in pvp is 50%, u should hit it just with storm + dungos so ditch the shaft in favor of fortitude/bramble/ or 20/20 psn armor. (duress is a poor mans option). Third, use prebuffing to shift into wolf ( i do it with 10 shape gc's, enigma (arkaines valor +2 or COH will work just as well), jalals, 2 bk rings, 3 shapeshift ammy, arach, +5 mang song staff) this alone will raise ur life by at least 1k and give u 5k more AR. Consider using angelics and enchant yourself with demon limb for higher defense opponents (ww barbs, zealots). Id say 25k AR is what u should aim for (its easily reachable with a wolf just by doing the steps outlined above). Substitute jalals with Cerebus bite for melee duels, its a superior helm imo (get one with +4 skills and 1xx%+ AR bonus). Cannot be frozen is not really required if your wolf reaches 4 fpa fury (which he does) because 4 fpa is not slowed by freezing.(only melee duels of course, vs casters u require as much faster run as u can afford to put on yourself).

Some numbers to aim for :
Fury damage with gris caddy ~ 3k max.
Rabies damage with 10 shapes + carrion wind equipped ~ at least 20-25k.
AR - 25k
Life - 4k+ with oak sage (extremely low imo but with your stat placement u cant get much better, just use prebuff).

Oh and wolves definitely CAN hack it. If u play europe ladder and u want a demonstration of both a pure melee and an all rounder wolf id be happy to show u.


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Also talk with the Werewolfs in the druid fOrum room. They shouLd help you out. Keep trying to get that bramble. And also you really need a big 2 handed damage killing weapon. Like a ebotd greater poleaxe, eth zodded up graded ribcracker, or a eth zodded tombreaver with 2x40/15% ias jewels. Another great armor is 3 socted jewelers of the whale with 3x40/15 max jewels. You will get more damage then a Fort would give you and more life. I said 3 socted jewelers not 4 socted because a 4 socted are bugged and you do not get the second mods on the jewels. PACK


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Its the jewels that are bugged the number of sockets armor has is irrelevant. U surprise me, really, over 1000 posts and u post such nonsense...


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I am just posting what I have heard from what friends of mine are saying. Talk with them if you want.. I have never had the chance to own one my self.