Rabies Druid Guide


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Rabies Druid Guide

This guide is to help all druid fans, new and old, make an awesome kick ass rabies druid. When this druid is lvl 90, it will do over 40k rabies damage.

20 werewolf: you will need to turn into the werewolf in order to use rabies. Rabies does not work for werebear.

20 Lycanthropy: this skill will give you tons of life when your in the werewolf form and will make it last a lot longer so you will not have to keep casting werewolf spell

20 Rabies: This will be your only means of attacking when in werewolf form. It inflicts posion to your enemies and it spreads to all monsters when they come in contact with a "rabied-monster"

20 Posion Creeper: This is the only synergy to Rabies. For every skill point in Poison Creeper, Rabies gets 18% more posion damage. That's a lot!

20 Heart of Wolverine: This summoned creature will grant you and your party better attack rating so you can wipe monsters out like they are nothing and makes your attack much faster.

1 Oak Sage: This is a prerequisite for Heart of Wolverine and is helpful during low levels.

1 Feral Rage: This skill is a prerequisite for Rabies. Once you get this skill, you can use it to help you until Rabies is available

Enough Str for gear: I use around 150

Many possibilites: If you want max block put a ton of points in dex, otherwise just enough for your gear. I have 140 points in dex

Vit: Put the rest in vitality. You will need life in hell difficulty. When in werewolf form at level 90 you will have about 2500 life

Energy: DO NOT PUT ANY POINTS HERE! When you are leveling your druid at first you will have to chug blue potions but soon enough you will have plenty of mana from your gear.

Weapon: You can either use a deaths web for the -50 enemy poison resistance or a 5 socket rune master unique ettin axe. If you go with the axe, put 5 poison facets in it.

Helm: I like to use a jalal's mane socketed with a poison facet. Shako will also work but you dont need life that much since you will already have 2500 in werewolf form. The choice is yours.

Shield: I use a 3 socketed Head Hunter's Glory unique shield. I socket it with 3 um runes for mass resists. If you dont need a lot of resistances, then socket it with poison facets...they are your friend for this build.

Armor: BRAMBLE runeword!! Without that armor this build is useless. It provides up to +50% posion damage. That is terrific for this build. It gives you like 10,000 more damage for your rabies.

Belt: The only belt I like to use is Arachnids because of its plus skill. It gives rabies like 1,000 more psn damage.

Gloves: I personally prefer dracul's for its chance of open wounds and 10% life leech. Makes it easier to stay alive.

Boots: Definitely Upped Gore Riders for their chance of crushing blow, deadly strike, and open wounds...very NICE for a melee character

Rings: Any rings will work...but an soj is awesome for its 25% max mana increase and a bk ring for its life leech and nice little life mod on it

Amulet: Maras kaleidoscope works wonders, but if you cant afford that, then a rare druid skills amulet with resists will work just as well

Charms: 10 Shapeshift Grand Charms (they are not that expensive guys), and if you can get one, an annihilus (it doesnt have to be perfect, you just need +skills)

Well thats my build with all that gear and those skills, you will do 30 to 40 thousand rabies damage. Let me know what you think about this build. Thanks, and Good Luck


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um, are you sure you know what you're doing?

seems like your just trying to get teh highest damage ever.

#1 you ahev barely any physical, so just use oak, more life= live longer
#2 no block or dr= screwed
#3 you attack slow as hell

i get 35 thousand damage just with trang gloves, 10 ss, 1 anni, maras, and jalas with alot more life than 2500. Look through the guides abit and refine your druid to the best it can be


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Any strategies? Not much of a guide without strategies in my opinion. Is this for PvP?

Also, your gear choices and skill layout could use some work, since they do not really go together. HoW is useless if you're not going to be attacking much (once every 20 sec?). Same with Gore riders. Ravenfrost would also be nice for some AR and cbf.


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I'm sorry. I am new to the forums. I was trying to give what i could to new characters. This build is meant to be PvP. Let me know what I should fix. Thanks!


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get 50% dr, and 75% block first

easiest= verdungoes + stormshield and pump dex until you get 75% block
str: up'd gear wont do squat, it adds crazy str reqs and no defense because werewolves dotn haev increased defense. keep this at a minimum
rest into vit

use trang ouls gloves, shael your jalas to hit the 48% fhr break

weapon and rest look at elctic blues guide. It's pretty thoughough