Qustion about install


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Qustion about install

I have a unique problem and am hoping someone can assist me.

I installed Diablo 2 and LOD onto another computer in 2005. In 2006 that computer died and I had to purchase a new computer. I saved the hard drive and placed it in an external enclosure so I could access the files. During that time I got away from Diablo 2 LOD. I then moved to another state and lost everything except my LOD expansion disc.

Recently I have renewed my interest in Diablo 2 LOD and purchased a used copy of Diablo 2 from a used bookstore and downloaded it onto the new computer. However it did NOT have LOD Expansion with it.

Question? Did my old hard drive store the 16 digit key code from the original LOD expansion download in 2005 and if so how can I access it so I can now download it onto my new computer?