quitting d2, giving free stuff away


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Oops didn't know i was supposed to leave my Acc. i'm the guy who asked about pally offensives
i can be one tonight at 10 maybe? or most days around 9-10 PM


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oops, musta missed the 1 item part. Sorry about that, I didnt mean to be greedy at all. I'd be grateful to get either the ondals or the charm, I guess I could use the pally charm with dex the most. Thanks again, and good luck in the real world!



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ok heres an updated list so far:

items already given away:
anni to *stony47564
vamp gaze to *ColtonPence
maras to *SirDooFuss
widowmaker bow to *laura_caldwell

claimed items, still have to deliver:
bulkathos ring goes to *courundom
templars might to *FNX-RELOADED / *FNX-REVOLUTIONS
5%fhr/7%light to *billysballoon / *iamabanana
20 life sc to *zxse
paly offensive charm /w 5dexto *asianhottie / *rice_farmer
odnals to *darnoc / *obobob

items still up for grabs:
9% life steal 14 strength draculs grasp gloves
160/20 raven frost ring
siggards stealth belt
15/15 sandstorm trek boots
horradic cube (this will go quick i know)
x4 1 to offensive auras paly charms
+life small charms: 20,19,18,17,17
5%fhr, 3% cold resist small charm
20 life, 1-40 light damage small charm
all resistances 4, 2 to dex small charm

ok so tahts the list i have to far, if anything is wrong let me know

i will be popping on at a few random times, i would suggest adding my account *hoarshade to your f list so you can see when i come on, ill be on again later this afternoon and then ill try to get on a few more times tonight


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Hi, I am on USeast SC NL and would be glad to have the +20 to life sc, if still available! (would accept gladly all the +life sc you have, but one is nice).

My acc is *irritateduser.

Thanks in advance.