quitting d2, giving free stuff away


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quitting d2, giving free stuff away

well i finally decided to officially quit diablo2 after not playing for months, its too bad i didnt log on eailer as all by 1 of my characters have expired

so its not much, and i havent played for a while so i dont know if any of this stuff is good anymore, but i do have some stuff

its first come first serve 1 item per person, post here what u want

i am currently in the game hoar1 pw:1 and will be for a bit, but after that u can continue to claim items and i will be on later

heres what i have:
widowmaker bow /w 40/15ias jewel
9% life steal 14 strength draculs grasp gloves
5% bul kathos ring
160/20 raven frost ring
8/7/20 vamp gaze /w 40/15ias jewel
siggards stealth belt
15/15 sandstorm trek boots
29res maras amulet
5%xp gained ondal's wisdom staff
templar's might armor /w um rune
horradic cube (this will go quick i know)
17/14/7 anni charm
x4 1 to offensive auras paly charms
1 to offensive auras paly charm /w 5 to dex
+life small charms: 20,20,19,18,17,17
5%fhr, 3% cold resist small charm
20 life, 1-40 light damage small charm
5%fhr, 7% light resist small charm
all resistances 4, 2 to dex small charm

again, i wish i had more but it all expired :( and its first come first serve, and only 1 item per person, whoever posts first requesting an item gets that item, please include your diablo2 in game account name so i know whos who


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hoarshade said:
ahh i knew i would forget something, sry i didnt post it :(

its useast non ladder
I had a feeling when your game wasn't up. This is a great service you are doing, I just wish it was West Ladder =p.


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Can I get the Mara?

I Can't get on for a while. Uninstalled D2 cause exams hehe. :)
Could you place it on a mule for me? I can get it within the ten days.
Just pm me the info if you still have it.


Edit: Saw the mara was already called. I can use anythign really. Just started over again :). If your feeling nice just throw something on a mule. It will be like a surprise pack :).


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This is great. you are awesome.
if 4xoffensive gcs count as one item, i'll take it, but if it doesn't, i'll jsut take one. and if you have any leftover items, i'll gladly take then rest (horadric cube included lol)
i guess you are gonna pm me?


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k i was just on for a bit but nobody else was, only person i hooked up with was the guy who got the anni

ill be on at random times tomorrow, when i get on ill send some of u whispers again, you can add me to your buddy list if u want my name is *hoarshade


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I'll have the 20 Lifers SC and templar's might armor /w um rune.
Never had one, could be funny to use one at last after all these Ladder months (years...) :lol:

- Frosty


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I could use a pally charm and the ondals if you have either of those left. Thanks a bunch and good luck in the real world! Any chance you'll be back for d3?



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People: Note that it's one item per person...at least so far...and check to see who has reseved what already.



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i'd love the 5%fhr, 7% light resist small charm, but i'm sorry to see another player leave.