Quite simply Ohm or AM. which do i use


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Quite simply Ohm or AM. which do i use

Which of these 2 loverly runes (or others if u think there are better) should i socket my paladins one socketed lightsabre. (I do not wish to hear about how s*** then ls has become or anything similar)
Thankyou guys xXx


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I would go for damage. You can get life leach from other sources. And for leaching it's better to increase your damage than increase your ll percentage in most cases.
If you don't have any problem socketing an Ohm in a LS, do it.


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Holygrail, have u ever thought about the damage increase from an OHM rune in a LS? Man, the increased damage is so low, it's definately not worth it.


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An Ohm in a LS adds 15.5 - 17.5 dmg, I find that too low for such a rare rune.

The Amn would add 2% effective leech in hell, or even 3%. More leech is always good :)