Quite Possibly the Most Addicting Flash Game Ever


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Odd, my next two best scores are 1114 and 1112. Must break the barrier!

edit: Woo! 1139

second edit: Oooh, 1820.


Gibby said:
lol i just clicked a random tile and got 1204

That's how I got 969. You have to reset the field after a big chain reaction though, as it seems to "align" all the tiles a certain way.


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Just managed to get 2234 on my fifth try. Not really sure how I did it, but man, I didn't think those macaronies were ever going to stop. :lol:


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1620 on my first try, havn't gotten that high again. I did manage to get a 1 though. :)


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Managed to get up to 1478 now.

Just no skill involved, hit a tile and turn around back to work, turn back to get score... which is mostly abot 5 points :lol: