Quite cheap runeword for my merc


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Quite cheap runeword for my merc

I had no other use for an Um rune, so I started to look into the runeword section, not really knowing what I was looking for. However I ended up with this:

Crescent Moon
Colossus Voulge
Two-Hand Damage: 79 to 785
Durability: 26 of 26
Required Dexterity: 45
Required Strength: 200
Required Level: 48
Polearm Class - Fast Attack Speed
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 83
Fingerprint: 0x94a78b93
+218% Enhanced Damage
20% Increased Attack Speed
Ignore Target Defense
25% Chance of Open Wounds
+2 to Mana After Each Kill
+9 Magic Absorb
10% Chance to cast Level 17 Chain Lightning on striking
7% Chance to cast Level 13 Static Field on striking
Level 18 Summon Spirit Wolf (26/30 Charges)
-35% to Enemy Lightning Resistance
Ethereal (Cannot be Repaired), Socketed (3: 3 used)


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Nice! For some of my characters that use an act 2 merc, I usually hope for an Um from NM Hellforge (highest it can drop) mainly for the chance to make this runeword. It will have to be something other than a Colossus Voulge, though. That STR requirement is insane.


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skoolbus said:
nat's helm or giant skull takes care of any str problems you may have
Or, for us non-twinkers, some big amethysts in armor/helm could do the trick. I still think it´s better to choose a less demanding weapon type, though. Makes for more item freedom in the armor + headgear slots.


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I know, but the colossus was the only 3-slot polearm i had. My merc is lacking decent LL now though, I'll have to look into that....
Well a standard act 2 merc will get to 200 str at lvl 94 (for nm. 92 for normal)
So if you want to use it at the start of hell for example at lvl 75ish, you'll need +33 str from helm or armour. Twinked that can be done, but the odds are you'll have to sacrifice better gear to fit that pole on at a reasonable level.


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WolfenMonkey said:
I know, but the colossus was the only 3-slot polearm i had. My merc is lacking decent LL now though, I'll have to look into that....
If you can get him a Tal Rasha's Death Mask that will give him a little extra life leech - sticking a PAmythest in it should help with the Str on that polearm...

Of course if that's still not enough, you may just have to feed him potions every so often. Cheaper than 50k resurrection fees, though!


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You could try and wait to pput a leviathan on your merc...That's all your strength problems sovled :lol: Or maybe as suggested before a tal's mask with a P Amythest and a duriel's shell with a P amythest..(Both items together give 31 strength IIRC)...]