Quite a few questions on ubering.


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Quite a few questions on ubering.

Well seems as though I can't come to a conclusion about how to make my smiter all he can be. I've got 2 setups I'm able to use, but there are also questions that go along with each of em.

First set-up consists of:

Weapon*: 'Last Wish' Phase blade (65% Crushing blow)
Armor: 'Fortitude' Archon plate (mid roll on life, 28 res)
Shield: 'Sanctuary' Sacred Rondache (45 res base, rolled to 107 resist all)
Helmet: '15 ias'ed Harlequin Crest (15 additional ias, I believe with Last wish, you need 30 additional IAS from somewhere)
Gloves*: Laying of the hands (20 more ias)
Belt: Nosferatu's coil (another 10 ias, should have realized I was going to use this before jeweling that shako, my fault on that one)
Boots: Upped Gore riders
Rings: Duel raven frosts
Amulet: Metalgrids (450 AR, 35 resists)

This leaves me with plenty of CB, while maintaining smite speed, some deadly strike, not alot of deadly strike/OW however, but I didn't think it was going to matter, just alittle more time to kill the ubers; and leaves me with a Might aura and some versatility.

*Notes on first set-up: Prevent monster heal on 'Last wish' and +% Damage to demons does NOT work on ubers correct? I'm just making sure I'm right on that.

However, my second set-up would consist of:

Weapon: 'Grief' phase blade (Ias is irrelevant, will always hit the breakpoint for it, but +380 damage)
Armor: Same as setup 1
Shield: Same as setup 1
Helmet: Guillames Face (unknown socket, ideas are welcome)
Gloves: Dracul's grasp (Life leech unknown- haven't purchased yet, and STR is irrelevant)
Belt: Same as setup 1. OR should I go t-gods for mephy or credendum for Mephy, big debate for me.
Boots: Same as setup 1
Amulets/rings: Same as setup1

Now this leaves me with mediocre CB, More deadly strike/OW making it alittle quicker, and with the same resists.

My question is which setup is more viable, 1 or 2, or should I completely redo my equipment to make a setup 3. I'm really pressed on this setup by tonight since I have multiple organ sets. So all ideas are welcome and encouraged. Thanks forums.


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Either one will work fine. AFAIK LL really won't matter from the dracs, its the Lifetap that you need. The only two things you need to uber are Life Tap and CB. That way whenever you hit you basically get all your life bulb back. Either one is very viable as they both do a lot of damage and a lot of CB.

I prefer the second one as you do not need to waste space with other equipment on IAS. While it might still be considered a cookie cutter build it is still more versatile. W/ the second one I use a t-gods just for the lightning absorb/resists.

On the first one AFAIK the +% damage to demons DOES work on ubers as many people like to use LoH however I'm not sure on the PMH. I think it works because people use it for DClone.

Also might want cta/spirit on switch, a Treachery RW armor for prebuff res and maybe a lifetap wand so that from the very beginning you'll have lifetap on the uber.

AND remember only to lure one of the ubers out at a time. Generally meph first.


i would also go with setup 2 with tgods.

PMH DOES NOT work on ubers just so that you know.


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Not really. Some people prefer HoZ with +skills and other mods, some prefer Exile for high def and Lifetap. There really is no "better" build, its jut preference. All you need to beat the ubers is lifetap and CB, other than that its all up to you.