Quick Sanity Check and a couple of Barb WW questions


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Quick Sanity Check and a couple of Barb WW questions

On reading the Arreat Summit I have assumed you can't use the cube in single player to upgrade either exceptional armour or weapons to elite as they are ladder only? Am I right that the recipes don't work in single player?

I've read the excellent WW Barb guide in the Barb forum - however, most of the 2 handed weapons mentioned are really bnet only items (BOTD etc) which I have no realistic chance of seeing in SP or ones I haven't found (eg Bonehew) and the one handed weapons section is still to be written.

I have found some decent 1 handed weapons eg Death Cleaver, Branor's Star and have the runes with some cubing to make a crescent moon phase blade. I also have a normal Hone Sudan (and Shaels to go in it) or the 1k Maul (plus the gloves as well).

So my questions are:

I can see from the guide that weapons with longer range are better. But how short a range is acceptable? The Hone Sudan is range 5 (excellent) the Beserker Axe and IK Maul are 3 (ok?) a phase blade sword is 2 (no good or still ok?).

If you use 2 different ranged weapons eg a 3 range beserker Axe and a 2 range phase blade what happens? I think I read that the results depend on what hand you equip the longer range weapon in or does it calculate range for each wepaon seperately?

I assume that if you dual wield you need to have both weapons at the WIAS breakpoint (ie. the game doesn't just use the speed of say the left hand weapon for all attacks. Again, I vaguely remember reading something about this?

I also remember (?) reading that dual wielding 2 weapons gives more attacks than a single weapon (which could compensate for the shorter range) - is this true or false?

Thanks for any help you can give.


We seem to have to say this alot because of the arreat summit misleading people. All things that say ladder only can be done in SP, except the new set of runewords and diablo clone.
As for your other questions.
1. For WW, i wouldnt go less than 4, unless you have a range 3 wepaon that just kicks rear.
2. I believe that it depends on the range and speed of the first weapon (in your left hand) but i could be wrong on that 1.
3. again, not sure about speed. could be only left handed one, or it could require both to be fast enough.
4. true.


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When dual wielding the speed/range of the two weapons are independent of each other, so if one is slower or shorter than the other, it'll simply hit less. Assuming both your weapons hit the final ww bp (-35) when dual wielding, you get roughly double the chances to hit vs. single wielding. If you whirl correctly, range 3 vs. range 5 isn't a huge difference unless you're plowing into very large crowds (think packs of flayers in act 3).

If you're going one handed DC is a good choice, but you'll still need something for your other hand if you want to dual wield. None of the CtC effects work with whirlwind, so Crescent Moon isn't a good choice here due to its low damage and slow speed. A second DC is probably the best and most realistic choice.


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I patted a dual-sword weilding Whirler, using mostly upped Coldsteel Eye & Crescent Moon until I was high enough level to use Kingslayer & Grandfather. It's doable, just play smart - use your warcries (BO, BC and Shout; and don't neglect ones like Grim Ward which can be very helpful), remember skills like Leap to get you out of a jam, and do "the dance of death" i.e. put WW on the right click button, don't target critters directly, but target the edge of a pack and WW around the pack (as opposed to going through the middle)


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Thanks everyone for the replies!

I think I'll up the Hone Sudan (the runes are precious but I find it a great merc weapon so it will have more than one use) and have a go with that as I only have the one decent ranged 3 one handed weapon.