quick questions on fire arrow


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quick questions on fire arrow

I tried searching but found nothing. I was wondering if;

%ed gear causing the base phsyical damage to increase would come before fire arrow's damage was calculated? Or simply, does the final listed physical damage of a normal attack turn into fire arrow's damage?

Does deadly/critical work? As in doubleing the base physical damage before the fire damage is calculated?

Does the fire damage still deliver even if the target is missed? I know that sometimes my rouge will fire and even though she usually blows things to their feet {wf + mass %ed gear}, sometimes when something doesnt die in 1 hit, i see the little fire scortch thingy, but no monster fhr, which makes me question if the fire damage goes threw even if the arrow doesnt.

If the fire damage does go threw, is it just the added +damage from the skill, or all of the fire damage from added form the +damage of the skill, & %damage added?

Thanks in advance~