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Nope, as long as you have ATMA yourself, you can just load up the .d2x or .d2s file, and pull the item(s) off it, and you're done!

Edit: Oh, I think you're referring to the patch 1.10, 1.11 etc.? Not sure bout that.


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No you don't, however atma gives readouts about items and from what version they are. To be able to trade in this forum you should clearly declare from what versions your stash consists of, some people don't like to trade with someone who is using items from different versions...


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I believe you can't mule items from a later patch onto characters from an earlier patch. (For instance, items from 1.11 onto a 1.09 character). I could be totally wrong, of course :)

The other way works perfectly though.


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With the exception of 1.10 to 1.11, you also need to convert items from earlier version to later versions before you can use them. This just consists of putting the items on a character from the same version as the items and then opening that character in game to convert them to your installed patch. ATMA shouldn't let you move items directly from an older version like 1.09 to 1.1x without first doing the conversion.

If you get items from an earlier version, it can be helpful to ask if they have been converted yet.