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quick Question

I have Diablo II installed on 1.10, but i dont have my cd. Ive downloaded 1.11 and the 1.11 d2 Loader, but it still wont work. Anyone have any suggestions on how i can get to playing?


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hax, cheats, nocd fixes ect... are not allowed to be talked about on this forum, please try elseware

if your 1.10 works your only option would be singleplayer


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What a pos forum lol, everyone used mods and hacks now.

And those "people" you mentioned, come crying here monthly with stories of how their accounts got "stolen".

"Why did your accounts get stolen?"

"*Sobs* I d/l this thing that was supposed to give me 100000 damage on my super pk baba".

Anyhoos, the point is, when you joined the forum, you agreed to a contract to not discuss the likes of hacks and cheats.

So tough it up.