Quick Question!


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Quick Question!

Does the added damage bonus from holy fire , holy freeze , and holy shock work for smite? By damage bonus I mean the elemental damage it adds not
the pulse. Thanks!


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Things that work with smite:

Crushing blow
Chance to cast something on striking
Hit blinds target
Hit freezes target
Open Wounds
Enhanced Damage
Prevent Monster Heal
+Damage modifier on the Redeemer (unique Mighty Scepter) and Astreon's Iron Ward (unique Caduceus)
Curses such as Life Tap, Amplify Damage...

Things that won’t work with smite:

Life or Mana leech
Deadly Strike
Elemental Damage
+Max/Min Damage

So no....


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Awww.. Way to crash my happiness milb!!!
Thanks for digging it up for me. Is there a certain website I dont know about that has all this information or just a spot im missing?


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You just cut down on alot of my unneccesary(?) threads.

EDIT: I ran across another question. Im really confused on how to calculate my barbs defence. Lets say this is the setup.

2,000 base defence
+290% from shout
+220% iron skin
+290% from conc
+ lets say ( 45% ed from items )
+ 60% from plus skills to shout,ironskin,and conc

Is this mainly just calculator work or is there a equation?


Like AR, the skill percentages add up and the sum is applied to the base. Things get a little more complicated when you use something like a Ribcracker though! I don't remember where I read it, but I seem to remember that non-armor +% defense (jewellery, weapon) is multiplicative with +% skill defense.