Quick question plz help....


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apart from the golemancer and the cursomancer (and some would still think they are viabloe) pretty much any necro can get u through hell.

rubberband shooter

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UltraNull said:
and a golum to get the first corpse.
No, use your mercenary to get the first corpse. Golems just do too little damage.

Is there any kinda a necromancer that can solo hell?
Look in the stickied thread posted by UltraNull. Beside the skelemancer, there are also other builds such as the bone necro and venomancer that can solo hell.


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Gix said:
Summoners can solo hell. Are you posting this in every forum?
Thanks for u all help. Yes i am posting in every thread but for diff characters. This is my first time playing Diablo 2 and i am addicted to it. i was influenced by my little brother becasue he plays for 8-10 hrs straight and now i and my bro usually get in fights over diablo becasue there are not enough hours in the day to satisfy each of our craving for this game.

I just want to to know what character can solo hell. Thats why i posted in every forum. Thanks for you help again...


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Are you asking this question on every forum? I just responded to your post on Sorc. Every class can solo hell if well built. Please read the guides and then, if you have questions, ask away.


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Babubhai said:
i and my bro usually get in fights over diablo becasue there are not enough hours in the day to satisfy each of our craving for this game.
Take turns every hour or so. One can play Diablo while the other goes to White Castle. It's what you crave.


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any hybrid of the above 3.



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My lvl ** skellipoisonmancer is the most powerful solo build I've ever had and I have yet to have maxed out skeletons or the poison nova synergies. Like a standard skellimancer, it has no problems with immunities and against nonpoison immunes I barely have time to switch from the LR/Nova to amp damage and corpse explode. If I can get my hands on a Pride polearm and some bramble or enigma armor, the build will be insane. It's a bit gear excessive so getting sufficient gear for MFing is kind of tough, but I've never had an easier time of looking for socketables in Hell.


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good 'ol Terra_theUnholy, my armymancer, pretty much breezes through hell without a care in the world (Worldstone Keep is a b**** because the black souls' lightning attack, i have very little def against it...). That's why i wait for some sorc to come by and teleport me to baal, no effort required on my part. until i get a ber rune... then i wont need the help of a stinkin sorc anymore.