Quick question on item level of this Circlet


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Quick question on item level of this Circlet

I just found this during my series of Meph runs and it has me puzzled:

Hailstone Brow
Defense: 22
Durability: 81 of 105 <------------------------see 1.
Required Level: 63
Item Version: 1.10 Expansion
Item Level: 86 <-----------------------------see 2.
Fingerprint: 0x567a8e7a
+23 to Strength
+18 to Energy
+5 to Minimum Damage
Fire Resist +17%
Lightning Resist +44%
Cold Resist +17%
Poison Resist +17%
+1 to Barbarian Skill Levels

1. This is obviously a failed rare. A standard circlet has 35 durability, so this one is failed on account of 35*3 = 105 durability.

2. Ilvl 86? So it can't be from Meph then. And it can't be from Meph's chest, which drops ilvl 83. So it must be from one of the vampires around Meph. I'm not familiar with their monster levels. Can someone enlighten me please?


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It's not a failed rare (that only happens for charms and items that can't be magic or rare) it's a failed unique.

Meph's chest can only drop rare (5%) and magic (95%) items, and always only magic/only rare. Everything else is items that can't be magic.

You probably got it from either of the council members down there, or as you say, a random boss.

ilvl 86 circlets just miss the affix level (90) for +2 skills, but look for circlets from meph himself.


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Durance 3 is alvl 83, so it has to be from the boss or minion there.
(Boss and minions monster level = alvl +3 = ilvl)


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Monster level is set* to area level in Hell and NM, so their mlvl would be 83.
Champs get a bonus of 2, uniques and their minions get a bonus of 3, so that
circlet would have to be from the latter.

* Is it set, or just bumped up like TCs?


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Right. So the possible combination of ilvls in Durance 3 would be:

Ilvl 83, from chests, racks, and regular monsters.
Ilvl 83 + 2 = 85 from champions.
Ilvl 83 + 3 = 86 from bosses or their minions.
Ilvl 87 from Mephisto himself.

Do the superuniques like Bremm Sparkfist (and the other two superunique council members) have their own mlvl? And what about their minions?

helvete said:
You probably got it from either of the council members down there...
That suggest to me that the council members (boss and minion) drop ilvl of 83 + 3 = 86.

Ok, that answers that. Thanks everyone for the replies.