Quick Question-Azurewrath/IAS

Tnuc GniRobal

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This question might be better placed in another part of the forums... but upon finding a azurewrath iv been thinking about a build that could use it and bearsorc sounds best so far. What i want to know is, if the phase blade has 30 base speed and azurewrath adds 30% and i socket it with a sheal that puts me to 80, 15 ias short of reaching 5fpa, can highlords and IAS gloves (40% IAS) put me over the edge to get to the 5fpa break point or does it HAVE to be 95%IAS ON the weapon? AND if OFF weapon IAS can put me over the edge to get the 5fpa, can i use a 15ias jewel (with mods) instead of the sheal?


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I've lost the link to the IAS calculator that factors everything in accurately, but any shapeshifting build requires on weapon IAS; off weapon IAS has minimal effect. I know on my BearSorc I used Griswold's Caduceus with 4x Shael in it to hit 5 FPA (I think? maybe 6?) and still have some physical damage to leech life. A 6 socket phase blade can reach 1 FPA faster, but you don't really have any physical damage at that point if you want leech. I know I looked at Azurewrath as well, but I don't think it's capable of topping 7 FPA. Of course you should listen to someone who actually does have the proper attack speed calc and not someone shooting from memory of a few years ago.


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Yes it has to be on the weapon. Azurewrath, while a cool item, is not really an option for Bearsorc as I'm afraid since it's just too slow and doesn't really offer anything in terms of skills, lightning damage or physical damage for leech.

The question is really between Gris Caddy and a 6 socket ias/@ PB. With the PB you need good jewels (ias/all res, otherwise you will lack the latter) but can get max block with Guardian Angel. Caddy version has no block but higher damage (using CoH), higher life, little resistance problems (CoH), some damage reduction and especially life upkeep with Dracul's, which is why I prefer that version by far. It's just way smoother, super tanky and sick damage.

If you intend to do Baal runs with a Bearsorc (which I like to do) you should consider the BPs under Decrepify. For example like @LiquidClear I like the Gris Caddy variant and to hit the last breakpoint with Caddy under Decrepify means you need to socket 4x Shael, whereas when not under Decrepify you hit 5 frames with 3x Shael and a 15/something jewel. So a 115%ias Caddy hits the last BP (5 fpa) without Decrepify, whereas only a 120%ias Caddy hits 7 fpa under Decrepify and 115% ias is only 8 fpa.

If interested, here's a bearsorc Baal run I recorded some time ago with gear shown in the end as an example of a set-up (though there have been a few upgrades since).