Quick question about Uber boss with my barb !


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Quick question about Uber boss with my barb !

Hello everyone,

I would like to know if it's possible to kill ubers with my barb.

I have 5.1k life
I have areat face
i have raven (20 dext, 242 ar) and 2nd is (20 dext/250 ar)
I have fortitude armor
I have Gore rider
I have highlord
I have Steelrend glove
I have verdungo Belt
I have Ebotd war pike

* My damage with WW is 16k
* I have 9.5k of attack ratings
* My resist are maxed also
* I have 15k defense with shout of course

My merc got blessed aim

Ebotd ghost spear
and etheral stealskull ( dual leech, with other bonus ... )

what do you suggest or change in my equipment to make sure the uber boss are going to be easier. I have never seen the uber boss in my life so im pretty newb versus them actually.

-- I maxed WW, Battle Orders, weapon mastery, Concentrate and spent other points into different useful skills ( of course i have berserk )

Any strategie to kill these uber boss with a barbarian ?
Can we make a town portal when im facing the uber boss ?

Thanks in advance very appreciate
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Re: Quick question about Uber boss with my barb !

How do you get 16k damage out of a EbotD war pike with a blessed aim merc? even with a might merc and similar setup my LCS only shows 9k running 2h ebotd.

anyways, the more popular build for ubers is frenzy, or possibly concentrate. the problem is WW doesn't proc lifetap, which is a necessity when running ubers. still, a WW barb is a conc bar with a slightly different setup, so guess its worth trying.

frenzy tends to be the more preferred route. more hits, more chances for lifetap to proc, more chances to apply CB, etc.