Quick question about poison duration and poison dagger ifr

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Quick question about poison duration and poison dagger

Hi guys, I've been having lots of fun so far with my new daggermancer, untwinked sc, on sp, but I just have one quick question. Can someone explain to me how all the poison damage is calculated in terms of time and such? I tried looking through the mouldy tome, several threads, and the search feature, but I can't seem to find what I'm looking for. The main thing I'm looking to get answered is when I use poison dagger, do I have to wait for the 2 second dueation on the monster to wear off before hitting them again or can I hit them multiple times and the poison stacks? If the latter is not true, then does that mean that (For example lets say I do 10 psn dmg over 2 seconds, and it takes half a second for each attack, does that mean I only do 2.5 dmg?) I'm not recieving all my psn damage?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys


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The timer on poison gets reset. Stacking doesn't occur with poison. This should have been easy to find.

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...Hit them once with your poison dagger (10 damage over 2 seconds) and they will take 10 damage over 2 seconds...that is 5 damage per second. Hit them again and it will reset the 2 second duration. If you really want to know how poison damage is calculated check this link out


It goes into great detail about poison dmg...also check out this guide:


Very nice daggermancer guide...

Happy to help out a fellow daggermancer, thing is, I've got a SC daggermancer on lvl 33 in singleplayer as well...